November Events! Winemaker dinners, Science Cafe and More!

We are hosting loads of awesome events this November!  Check them out!

November 3rd, 4-6pm: Winemaker Meet & Greet. 
Krista Scruggs named as of the top 40 under 40 Tastemakers by Wine Enthusiast! Tickets

November 4th, 8pm: Winemaker Dinner.
Brilliant, playful Austrian winemakers Alexander & Marie Koppitsch are pushing the limits natural wine in Austria. Tickets

November 6th, 8pm: Winemaker Dinner.
American Joe Swick combines the finest classical training with a globe-trotting perspective to make polished but irreverent wines from Oregon and Washington State grapes. Tickets

November 7th, 6:30-8:30pm: Winemaker meet and Greet.
We will be pouring Kontozisis’ wines and he will be here from Greece to tell you about them!


November 17th, 3-4pm: Science Cafe. 
Malaria No More
Science talk by MD. Johanna Daily

Johanna Daily will be launching our Sci Cafe, a Tannat-X style science cafe for the inquisitive mind. No previous knowledge necessary. Johanna will give a brief overview of malaria, which was once present in the United States until it was eradicated, and provide an update on best practices for treatment control. Lets discuss what the future of malaria holds over a glass of wine!

JD malaria no more

November 18th, 3-4pm.

November 29th, 7pm  Winemaker dinner.
13th and Third Wines, a NYC love story with California grapes. Tickets

Every Tuesday STEVE LACEY ON JAZZ GUITAR 8pm-10pm