Meet your (wine)maker!

Happy Halloween Tannatians! See you tonight, when the veil between worlds is thin, for our costume-encouraged party. We have spooky prizes for best dressed.

This is a big week for us. The RAW wine fair comes to Brooklyn Nov. 4-5. We’ll be attending, tasting hundreds of the most delicious and interesting wines from around the worlds, and we’re bringing four winemakers back with us to Tannat.

Krista Scruggs will be here on Saturday, Nov. 3rd debuting her hotly anticipated Texas wine… wine so fresh and new it is arriving that very day! Be among the first people on earth to taste what many are calling “the wine of the future.” Tickets still available!

Alexander Koppitsch is coming for dinner on Sunday night (November 4th). His Austrian wines are genuine expressions of terroir. His techniques are creative, a bit funky, and he does everything biodynamically and by hand. Tickets still available!

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Joe Swick joins us for dinner on Tuesday (November 6th). A classically trained American winemaker, he spent many years apprenticing with winemakers all over the world before returning to California to launch his own label. The precision of his training still shines through, but his natural wine cred is undeniable. Tickets still available!

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And finally, Kontozisis, a natural winemaker from Greece, will be here next Wednesday (November 7th) for a meet and greet. This event is absolutely free! His wine will be on our list and he and his wife will be there to answering any questions.


We believe that these winemakers are true artists involved in the great good work of living in harmony with the earth. We hope you will come out to support us, support them, and to support ways of living on the earth without destroying it.