Tannat NYC Wine & Cheese


4736 Broadway
New York, NY 10040

Tannat Wine & Cheese is Northern Manhattan’s premiere destination for natural wine and genuinely seasonal dining. Looking onto glorious Fort Tryon Park and only a short walk from the MET Cloisters museum, Tannat is ideal for local gourmands and tourists alike.

The wine list is an adventure. Populated with lesser known grapes, such as Skrlet, Grolleau, and Loureiro, from countries as diverse as Greece, Uruguay, and Georgia, and created using native yeasts, minimum intervention, and amphora, the pet-nat, orange, sparkling, red, white, rose, and dessert wines available are sure to surprise even the most seasoned oenophile. For those looking for an old friend, there are plenty of classic options as well. The wine list changes weekly and wines are available by the splash, glass, or bottle.

The food is real-deal farm-to-table. Tannat works exclusively with small Hudson Valley farms and makes butter, jam, pate, pickles, mustard, smoked meat, fish, and cheeses, and much more, from scratch to create a new menu every day. Whether you are interested in wild mushrooms, dandelion chips, or pasture raised Berkshire pork belly served with apples and rhubarb, dining at Tannat will satisfy your mind, heart, and soul. Look for the four course Chef’s Dinner. At $38, it is the best deal in the city.


Tannat was funded solely by loans. This has allowed us to introduce a profit sharing program for our employees. We believe profit sharing will not only provide a better standard of living for our employees, but also decrease turnover and result in exceptional service.

Based on the ethical sourcing of our food and wine, efforts to reduce food waste, energy-saving lighting and appliances, profit sharing, and a commitment to local arts, we will be applying for “B” Corporation status to make it official that we are here for good.


William Emery is a chef, author and community-minded restaurateur. His other projects, the book Edges of Bounty: Adventures in the Edible Valley (Heyday Books, 2008), Wood Fashion Cafe, a farm-to-table restaurant in farm country, Ad Astra Books and Coffee House (successfully funded through Kickstarter!) celebrate local food systems and ethical business practices.

Sarah Goler is a physicist, artist and fashion, and ultramarathoner. When she’s not shooting lasers at ancient papyri, getting her hands dirty in a pottery studio, or training for her latest 60k run, she can be found in the kitchen or at her sister’s CSA, Full Circus Farm.

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Tannat is a palindrome (so badass!) and a grape. Tannat is originally from the Basque region of France but has since become the national grape of Uruguay where it expresses a fruitier character. Tannat is related to the word tannin. Tannins were discovered in the 1700’s by leather tanners. It turns out that the molecules that dry out your mouth are used to make beautiful leather. And lastly, when we were at dinner with Stacie, William’s sister, she came up with a great line:

“Tannat tonight?”

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Tannat NYC

4736 Broadway
New York, NY 10040