The 9 Best Coupe Glasses for Cocktails or Champagne in 2023

What are the best coup glasses? This is a question that has been asked for many years, and there is no definitive answer. However, there are certain factors you should consider when purchasing coup glasses. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of coup glasses available on the market, as well as some of the factors you should consider before making a purchase. We will also provide you with a list of our top five picks for the best coup glasses.

best coupe glasses

What are Coupe Glasses?

Originally, coupe glasses were used to serve champagne and other sparkling wines. When it was found that they were not suited for champagne, bartenders and mixologists devised alternative ways to use them.

Cocktails once served in a V-shaped martini glass are now served in coupe glasses. Both bartenders and customers knew that swirling the drink in a martini glass was messy, and spills were inevitable. Coupe glasses are safer and produce less of a mess when swirling. Furthermore, because they are smaller than a martini glass, they provide a more suitable amount of liquor without making individuals too tipsy.

What are the benefits of Coupe Glasses?

Coupe glasses are ideal for serving chilled champagne, cocktails, and dessert wines. Their wide bowls allow the drinker to appreciate the drink’s aromas, while their tall stems keep the drink well-chilled. Coupe glasses are also often used for shooters and other mixed drinks.

Top 9 The Best Coupe Glasses for Cocktails or Champagne To Buy in 2022

Here are top rated coupe glasses for cocktails or champagne

Top 1. Riedel Veritas Coupe Glasses

Best Coupe Glasses
Riedel Veritas Coupe Glasses

Let’s be honest, when you pop out that expensive bottle of champagne, you won’t want to drink it in a coffee mug or a red party cup. A fancy bottle of wine like that requires a coupe glass just as fancy, and this is where the Riedel Veritas Coupe Glasses come in. The brand’s glasses, which come in sets, feature extra-long stems for a stunning appearance.

The bowl, which is anything but shallow, distinguishes the glass from its contemporaries. In addition to the other things on this best coupe glasses list, each coupe carries 8 ounces of liquid. The icing on the cake is that these glasses, like the rest of Riedel’s products, are dishwasher safe, which makes them perfect for use at home or in a restaurant.

Top 2. Spiegelau Coupette Glass, Set of 4 Cocktail Coupes

Best Coupe Glasses
Spiegelau Coupette Glass Set

This beautiful cut glass has graceful curves and delicate facets at the base. Its design is designed to commemorate the glory days of cocktail culture, and the new version of the traditional cocktail is available in this glass. The dazzling free crystal structure and the sleek design of the hotel improve your and your family’s champagne pleasure. Pour your favorite drink and bring your home bar to another level.

The Platinum Glass technique of Spiegelau ensures the sparkle of your glass. These cups stayed perfect, without scratches or fogging, even while running through 1,500 washing cycles. Carefully rinse and shine for optimum results. Send this best cocktail coupe glasses set of amazing cocktail glassware to those with sophisticated taste as a wedding present or a welcome present. Thoroughly crafted crystal glassware is a functional and sophisticated present.

Top 3. BarConic Coupe Glass

Best Coupe Glasses
BarConic 7 ounce Coupe Glass

The delicate look of most coupe glasses contributes to their allure. But not the BarConic coupe. The brand’s glasses, which come in a set of four, aren’t quite heavy-duty, but they’re certainly durable. It’s a glass that can take a few hits as well as a trip through the dishwasher. It can also take a couple of large pours thanks to its seven-ounce basin.

It comes in a set of four glasses, each holding seven ounces. It’s perfect for champagne, small meals, beverages, and even desserts. Display them at a wedding, anniversary, or other big event and let them steal the stage.

Top 4. Godinger Champagne Coupe Set

Best Coupe Glasses
Godinger Champagne Coupe Barware Glasses

When most people think of the best champagne coupe glasses, they see a vessel with a simple design and little ornamentation on the bowl. Godinger has chosen an entirely different approach to its glassware. The bowl and foot of the brand’s crystal coupe, which comes in a set of four, are carved with a beautiful snowflake motif. It isn’t a flashy design, but it gives the glasses a distinct personality and makes them suitable for winter. It’s also enough to make up for the glass’s smaller bowl than usual.

Top 5. Viski Raye Angled Crystal Coupe Glasses

Best Coupe Glasses
Crystal Coupe Glasses

This classic cocktail glass is a classy addition to any home bar or kitchen. This set of stemmed coupe cocktail glasses, maybe a barware must-have, elevates your cocktail game. The Coupe cocktail glasses’ original delicate outlines have been updated with angled edges that effectively highlight the wine and drink inside. The cup, stem, and base proportions create a wonderfully balanced glass.

Cocktails, desserts, espresso drinks, and other liquids may all be served in these Coupe cocktail glasses. Consider the coupe glass cocktails to be a revamped martini drink glass that may be used for a number of different things. Anyone who values a pleasant drinking experience should invest in high-quality glasses. Present this set of 7 oz coupe glasses as a retirement gift, welcome gift, or wedding gift to someone who is starting to create their dream bar.

Top 6. The Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupe

Best Coupe Glasses
The Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupe

The 6-inch height and exquisite shape of the Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupe make for a stunning visual presentation during a home dinner or cocktail party. It perfectly portrays the mood and charm of drinking a handcrafted cocktail from this famous glass.

While enjoying your favorite cocktails, imagine the famed watering hole’s wild splendor, eccentric clientele, and languid grace. The 8.5-ounce Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupes are designed to be savored and treasured. It comes in a two-person box, so you may give it as a gift, and it gives you and your visitors the perfect balance in your palm.

Top 7. The Bar Glass Coupe Glasses

Best Coupe Glasses
Coupe Glasses set 4, 8.5 oz

With its extra-wide bowl and crystal-clear clarity, this 8.5 oz. coupe cocktail glass will attractively display your finest cocktails. Because of its classic design and lead-free composition, this glassware item is appropriate for use in your family restaurant, bar, or bar and grill. It is also excellent for use in high-traffic areas because of its thick, sturdy construction.

This best coupe glass for cocktails is perfect for pouring beverages with vivid garnishes, as well as presenting a unique appetizer or dessert. Drinks can be adorned with fresh fruit, beverage parasols, or skewers, and the rim of the glass can be adorned with colored rim salts or sweeteners. It’s also a fantastic way to serve champagne.

This glass features an extra-wide bowl that can hold 8.5 oz. of your favorite beverage. Because of the glass’s extended look and sleek lines, your guests will feel sophisticated and refined on their evening out. The crystal-clear glass allows you to see the contents completely, allowing you to exhibit both traditional and sophisticated beverages.

Top 8. Crystal Champagne Coupe Glasses

Best Coupe Glasses
Crystal Champagne Coupe Glasses

These antique coupe glasses are beautifully light, have a classic cocktail design, flawless construction, superb balance, a small lip for garnishes, and provide a wonderful sipping experience. Whether you want to wow your guests or simply relax and enjoy the best drink possible, this is the way to go. The glasses may also be kept secure in the present box, which also serves as an exquisite storage container. A soft fabric covering secures each glass in place and protects it from dust, scratches, and breaking.

These coupe glasses are dishwasher safe, so cleaning them will be a snap. They may be used for more than just beverages; they can also be used for appetizers, fruit parfaits, desserts, and ice cream. This lovely crystal coupe set was created with the intention of having a real 1920s charmer in mind. With the right size, elegant form, and graceful look, add that happy vintage glitter to your favorite drink. These are coupes that you’ll fall in love with and encourage others to buy or give them as a one-of-a-kind gift since they’re so fantastic.

What is the Best Coupe Glasses America’s Test Kitchen?

Best Coupe Glasses
Cocktail Kingdom of Leopold

Cocktail Kingdom is an established manufacturer and distributor of high-quality barware. This 6 oz. glass is both beautiful and durable enough for commercial use. With your next drink, take yourself to the smokey dives featured in classic Hollywood films. This item is also available as a six-pack. It should be pleasant to hold this glass in your hand.

High-quality glasses are necessary for anybody who enjoys a pleasant drinking experience. As a retirement gift, welcome gift, or wedding gift, give this set of 6 oz coupe glasses to someone who is starting to create their dream bar. This traditional design has a 6 oz capacity, a solid bottom, and a low center of gravity, making spills easier to avoid.

The Cocktail Kingdom® Leopold® Coupe Glass is the best coupe glass according to America’s Test Kitchen. The glass has a 6oz capacity and is made of durable, lead-free crystal. The glass is dishwasher safe and has a classic design that is perfect for any occasion. The 6-pack is an ideal way to stock your bar with the glasses you need to serve your favorite cocktails. The Cocktail Kingdom® Leopold® Coupe Glass is a genuine Cocktail Kingdom product and is the perfect addition to your barware collection.


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What Factors that You need to consider before buying The Best Coupe Glass?

best coupe glasses

Not all cup glasses must be included in any home bar. There are numerous things to consider when selecting which kinds of glasses to purchase for your own bar:

1). Price

Drinking glasses and cocktails can be quite expensive. Consider a few basic drinkware varieties if you are new to mixology and your collection is steadily growing.

2). Convenience

Some coupe glasses are more user-friendly and simpler to clean than others. Consider which is more durable when choosing between a standard Martini glass and a stemless Martini glass, for example.

Coupe glasses are more fragile than stainless steel or even ceramic plates, both of which are typical kitchen staples. If you value convenience, look for sturdy glasses with dishwasher-safe labeling while shopping.

3). Space

If you have a modest home cocktail bar, you may need to buy fewer wine glasses and stemmed glasses. Consider how much storage space you have for glasses and if you’ll need more in the future for dinnerware, flatware, and other kitchen necessities.

4). Beverage Types

Before you go out and buy a lot of specialty cocktail glasses, consider what sorts of drinks you’ll be creating and whether you have the necessary equipment. Before you purchase the proper glasses, get bar tools like strainers, martini shakers, and trays so you know what sorts of drinks you can mix.

Coupe glasses vs. Martini glasses vs. Cocktail glasses: What are Differences?

  1. Coupe glasses
Coupe glasses

The coupe glass was designed to serve champagne. The broad, round shape of this glass, on the other hand, isn’t suitable for fizzy drinks. Bubbles disperse quickly because of the large surface area. This glass is excellent for cocktails that must be strained and served “up” with no ice, such as a Manhattan. The long stem prevents your hand from warming the glass, allowing the cocktail’s color to show through. The Manhattan, Boulevardier, and Gimlet are ideally served in a sophisticated coupe glass.

  1. Martini Glass
Martini Glass

The martini glass is arguably the most well-known cocktail glass when held in one’s hand. Its “v” shaped bowl compels the drink to be sipped, making it perfect for cocktails with little or no mixers. Although the martini glass is sometimes referred to as a cocktail glass, the original cocktail glass is somewhat smaller and rounder. The Martini, Cosmopolitan, and Sidecar are strained cocktails best served in a martini glass.

  1. Cocktail Glass
Cocktail Glass

A martini glass and a cocktail glass are virtually identical in appearance. They both have a conical shape with a broad rim and either a short or long stem. A cocktail glass holds six to twelve ounces of liquid and is often used to hold double martinis as well as other beverages such as the Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Aviation cocktail, White Lady, and Daiquiri.

FAQ’s Coupe Glasses

1). What drinks go in a coupe glass?

Cocktails served “up,” that is to say, shaken and then cold served ice-less, like martinis, work best in coupe glasses. 

2). What can I use instead of a coupe glass?

If you do not have a coupe glass, then you can use a Martini glass.

3). What is good size for coupe glass?

A coupe glass is typically about 5 to 7 ounces. However, the size can vary depending on the manufacturer. Make sure to check the capacity of your glass before purchasing it. You don’t want to end up with a glass that’s too small or too large for your needs!

4). What drinks do you drink in a coupe glass?

A coupe glass is typically used for cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. However, you can also use it for non-alcoholic drinks like juice or soda. If you’re looking to impress your guests, serve them their drinks in a coupe glass! It’ll make them feel like they’re at a fancy bar or restaurant.

5). Do coupe glasses have a stem?

No, coupe glasses do not typically have a stem. They are designed to be held by the bowl, which helps keep the drink cold. If you’re looking for a glass with a stem, you may want to consider a champagne flute or wine glass.


With so many different types of coupe glasses on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. But with our guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect set of coupe glasses for your needs. And don’t forget to buy a stylish carrying case to keep them safe while you’re on the go!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this information about the best coupe glasses helpful. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair. Thanks again for your time, and happy cooking!

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