What are the Best Grocery Store Pinot Noir in the market?

When it comes to finding the best grocery store Pinot Noir, you don’t have to break the bank. You can find some exceptional bottles from a variety of producers at your local grocer. Whether you’re looking for a light and fruity bottle or something more complex and earthy, there’s certainly something in your budget that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. California to Oregon, New Zealand and France, you’ll find an array of styles and flavors that are sure to please any wine lover.

From oaky Chardonnays to juicy Syrahs, balanced Cabernets Sauvignons and tart Pinots Gris – with so many choices available it can be hard to know where to start! Fortunately, we’ve done all the legwork for you; here is our list of top picks when it comes time to pick up a bottle of grocery store Pinot Noir.

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Top Best Grocery Store Pinot Noir

Best Pinot Noir at Publix:

best grocery store pinot noir


If you’re looking for a quality Pinot Noir that won’t break the bank, look no further than Misbehaved. This best-selling replica from Publix offers a delicious blend of dry, fruity flavors and subtle tannins that will delight any wine connoisseur. Despite being one of the best grocery store in Pinot Noirs, it’s surprisingly affordable – making it an ideal option for those seeking an enjoyable and cost-effective experience.

Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or entertain guests at your next dinner party, Misbehaved is the perfect companion to take your evening to the next level. So don’t miss out – pick up a bottle today and let yourself misbehave!

Best Pinot Noir at Walmart:

La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.

La Crema’s Sonoma Coast pinot noir is a delicious, smooth and well-balanced wine that should be your go-to for the best grocery store Pinot Noir. It has a medium body with flavors of black cherry, raspberry, and subtle earthiness. The tannins are soft and elegant making it the ideal food pairing wine as it complements many different dishes without overpowering them.

This pinot noir also features notes of leather and tobacco on the palate which enhances its complexity even further. This specific Pinot Noir was awarded 90 points by Wine Spectator Magazine in 2017 – solidifying it as one of the best grocery store Pinots out there!

Best Pinot Noir at Kroger:

Elouan Pinot Noir.

This best-selling Pinot Noir from Oregon’s Willamette Valley has become a cult favorite for its bold, complex flavor profile and structured tannins. Notes of dark cherry, raspberry, and blackberry are balanced by hints of spice, earthiness, and vanilla oak. With an ideal balance between fruit and acidity, this well-rounded wine is the perfect accompaniment to a meal or enjoyed on its own.

Its medium body makes it ideal for pairing with anything from salmon to steak. Whether you’re looking for something special to pair with dinner or just a nice glass of red after work, Elouan Pinot Noir is the best grocery store pinot noir option out there.

Best Pinot Noir at Costco:

Hyland Estates Old Vine Pinot Noir.

Awarded best grocery store pinot noir by Wine Spectator, this Oregon red is an elegant, complex and balanced red made from the best fruit of the Willamette Valley.

Aromas of black cherry, blackberry and raspberry combine with subtle vanilla and toasty oak on the nose. On the palate, flavors are structured around a core of juicy plum and berry notes as well as accents of mocha and toasted almond. The finish is smooth yet full-bodied with an admirable balance between tannins and acidity.

This best grocery store pinot noir will easily pair well with beef, pork or poultry dishes, making it an excellent choice for dinner parties or casual weekday meals alike! Try serving it chilled for maximum enjoyment. Pick up a bottle at your local Costco today

Best Pinot Noir at Safeway:

Meiomi Pinot Noir

Meiomi Pinot Noir has long been hailed as one of the best grocery store pinot noirs available. This California wine is produced from premium grapes grown in Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma Counties. It has a complex flavor profile that combines the aromas of ripe dark cherry and blackberry with subtle hints of baking spices like clove and vanilla. The palate offers flavors of ripe raspberry, toasted almond, and earthy mushrooms that are balanced by supple tannins and lead to a lengthy finish.

With its big body and bold structure, Meiomi Pinot Noir pairs well with red meats as well as seafood dishes such as salmon or scallops. So if you’re looking for an outstanding pinot noir available at Safeway, don’t look any further than Meiomi Pinot Noir. It’s sure to please even the most discerning wine lovers.

Best Pinot Noir at Whole Foods:

Josh Cellars

Josh Cellars Pinot Noir is one of the best wines to pick up at Whole Foods. This California-grown wine has a deep ruby color, with aromas of ripe cherry, pomegranate and baking spices. The palate continues these flavors with a hint of mocha for complexity and balance. The soft tannins make this an easy-drinking wine that pairs well with most dishes. Whether you’re searching for a casual glass or looking to impress dinner party guests, you can’t go wrong with Josh Cellars Pinot Noir!

Best Pinot Noir at Target:

A to Z Pinot Noir

A to Z Pinot Noir is the ideal bottle of Pinot for any wine enthusiast. With a classic yet distinctive flavor, it’s sure to please even the most experienced oenophile. The nose of this pinot displays aromas of blackberry, plum and cola with subtle hints of tobacco and clove spice that follow through to the palate.

On the palate, this Pinot has a smooth texture with flavors of ripe cherry, raspberry jam and cassis balanced by soft tannins and lifted acidity. It’s a delightful expression of Oregon’s Willamette Valley terroir with an enjoyable finish that lingers on the tongue. Whether you’re looking for something special to share over dinner or a bottle to bring as a gift, A to Z Pinot Noir is sure to please. Get it now at your local Target store

Best Pinot Noir at Meijer:

Belle Glos Pinot Noir Clark & Telephone

Belle Glos Pinot Noir Clark & Telephone is a classic and dependable choice for any occasion. Its bold, fruity character is consistently reliable with round tannins, juicy blackberry flavors and a smooth finish. This wine pairs well with roasted meats or game dishes, as well as soft cheese like brie or camembert. Intensely ruby in color, the nose offers aromas of red cherry and hints of toasty oak.

The palate is supple yet vibrant with sweet berry fruit balanced by smoky earth tones on the finish. A timeless expression of California cool-climate pinot noir that’s sure to please any crowd! Grab a bottle today at Meijer and experience the amazing flavors of Belle Glos Pinot Noir Clark & Telephone.

Best Pinot Noir at Albertsons:

Martin Ray Russian River Pinot Noir

Martin Ray Russian River Pinot Noir is the perfect pick for fans of this variety. With a beautiful, deep ruby color and aromas of cherries, raspberries and cranberries, this wine stands out for its bold flavor profile. On the palate, it offers layers of fruit with a hint of earthy spice and oak. The finish is smooth and lingering, making it an ideal accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes from lighter fare to grilled meats. For those looking for a classic Pinot Noir at an accessible price point, Martin Ray Russian River Pinot Noir is a perfect choice.

Pinot Noir is a delectable and complex wine that can be enjoyed by novices and connoisseurs alike. When it comes to finding the best grocery store Pinot Noir, there are many factors to consider such as price, region of origin, vintage, etc. However, with some research you will be able to find an excellent bottle without breaking your budget.

Luckily for us all, most stores have extensive selections of Pinot Noirs from different regions around the world so you’re sure to find something perfect for your palate! Take time to compare prices between stores and read up on reviews online before making any purchases; this way you can ensure that you get the very best in quality at an affordable cost.

FAQ’S best grocery store pinot noir

Which grocery store has the best Pinot Noir choice?

That depends on your budget and tastes. If you’re looking for a good, affordable Pinot Noir, many grocery stores carry popular brands like Beringer, Canyon Road, and Barefoot. But if you want something more special, look for smaller wineries that offer higher-quality wines at reasonable prices. Talk to the wine expert in your local store or check online reviews to find some great options.

What should I look for when selecting a Pinot Noir?

Pinot Noir is known for its light, fruity flavors and aromas. Look for a wine that has prominent notes of cherry or raspberry, as well as some earthy complexity. The color should be ruby-red with a hint of purple. The tannins should be soft but present, and the body should be medium-bodied and rich in texture. As always, trust your own taste buds to determine if it’s the right bottle for you!

What foods pair best with Pinot Noir?

Pinot Noir pairs wonderfully with mushroom dishes like risotto and roasted mushrooms. It also complements grilled salmon, roast chicken, pork tenderloin, and even duck. If you’re looking for an appetizer to pair with your Pinot Noir, try a cheese plate of brie, Gouda, and blue cheese. For dessert, look for something light like strawberry tart or cherry cobbler.

Does price indicate quality when it comes to Pinot Noir?

In general, higher-priced wines tend to have more complexity and depth than their lower-priced counterparts. However, that doesn’t always mean they taste better. It can be tricky to determine the quality of a wine solely based on its price tag. To get the most out of your money, do some research before buying and read up on customer reviews so you can make an informed decision.

Are there any rules of thumb when pairing Pinot Noir with food?

The main rule to remember is that lighter wines should be paired with lighter foods, and full-bodied wines should be paired with heartier dishes. Beyond that, it’s really up to personal preference and experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations to find the perfect match!

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