Top 15 The Best Undercounter Ice Machine for HOME in 2024 [Updated]

Undercounter ice maker machines are an ideal choice for people looking to make a lot of ice in a couple of minutes. These machines are quite different from portable ice makers with small footprints. They are bulkier, which means moving them around is going to be challenging.

best undercounter ice machine

Turns out, the best undercounter ice makers feature a compact design that allows these appliances to fit into any kitchen seamlessly without taking up the entire space. However, their weight makes them best suited for large area installations such as company break-rooms, drink shops, restaurants or bars.

Unfortunately, there are a myriad of options out there, which makes choosing the right model a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve expertly handpicked the best undercounter ice machine for home.

What is An Undercounter Ice Maker?

In layman’s terms, the undercounter ice maker is specially engineered to make lots of ice with varying sizes in the shortest period. This handy machine provides you with a massive amount of top-quality ice anytime, anywhere.

Thus, it serves your daily needs like fruit storage, mix & match drinks, frozen goods storage and ice swollen joint or sore spots.

Top Picks of Best Undercounter Ice Machine for HOME

The Best Undercounter Ice Machine in 2023

Here are top rated undercounter ice maker for your home

Top 1 – Euhomy Stainless Steel UnderCounter ice Machine

Undercounter Ice Makers
Commercial Ice Maker Machine

If you need a machine that supplies lots of ice in almost a twinkle of an eye, then you can’t go wrong purchasing the Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine. This model takes up a lot of space but delivers an amazing overall value, provided you can sacrifice a fair amount of space.

This model is rugged enough and ETL-certified for use in any commercial setting and well-suited for residential backdrop use. This freestanding machine has an impressive output and generates about 100 pounds a day. It comes with an extra-large storage container to hold up to 33lbs of ice.

The Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine features an LCD panel that makes operating this equipment a breeze even for non-geeky individuals. With this smart feature, you can easily keep track of the surrounding environment temperature for optimal performance. Also, you’ll be to choose the right ice cubes size from the user-friendly panel.

Furthermore, this best undercounter ice machine is convenient to clean by simply punching a button. It features a gravity drainage mechanism that drains the water once per day.


  • Built for tiny space
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting, high-quality ice
  • Multi-function control panel


  • On the pricier side
  • Can be slightly noisy during operate

Top 2 – hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Best Under-counter Ice Makers
Commercial Ice Maker Machine for Restaurants, Bars, Homes and Offices

The HOmeLabs Ice Maker Machine is arguably the best commercial undercounter ice machine for restaurants. This model is touted to deliver up to 99 lbs of ice per day and about 45 pieces of clear ice in a single cycle within 20 mins. This unit comes with a generous storage capacity of 29 lbs, which should hold enough clear ice to meet your daily needs.

This freestanding ice maker is easy to install just about anywhere inside your restaurant, pantry, or home. It sports a sleek design, and the interior is made of rust-resistant stainless steel. More so, it’s accompanied by a lot of accessories like the water draining hose, water supply connector, water supply hose, and an ice scoop.

More importantly, it’s well-suited for a large household or commercial use. It can handle the high demand for ice from hotels, restaurants, or big households. Thanks to the included 1.2-liter water tank, this eliminates the hassle of refilling associated with conventional countertop models.

On top of that, there’s an intuitive control panel and a smart LCD indicator to show the water and ice-making functions. Plus, its easy-to-use control allows you to adjust the ice cube’s thickness and ice-making time. Besides, it features an automatic cleaning mechanism for convenient cleanup.


  • ETL Certified
  • Automatic cleaning mechanism
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • 99 lbs ice capacity
  • Rust-free stainless steel construction


  • It tends to blow hot air

Top 3 – EdgeStar IB120SS Quietest Undercounter Ice Maker

Best Under-counter Ice Makers
EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

This is the best undercounter ice makers for home. This machine features a front vent to promote better airflow and prevent overeating, making it easier to install it into an existing cabinet. Installing this ice maker is easy, quick, and cheap, especially for a DIYer. But in our opinion, it’s best to call in a professional plumber.

Also, users can decide whether to hang the door on the right side or the left side, which offers a flexible installation. This means you have more options and can configure this ice maker in such a way it caters to your needs.

The EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker doubles as a freeze to ensure the ice stays frozen and ensure you have ice cubes readily available. Even better, this built-in ice maker features an auto shut-off feature for safety reasons.

That’s not all: it sports a stainless steel finish which ensures this model can stand up to some severe punishments. However, one of the prime concerns is its durability. Some users complain of this ice maker breaking down after a couple of months.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Double well as a freezer
  • Front venting for flexible installation
  • Built-in or freestanding
  • Quietest undercounter ice maker


  • Not so durable

Top 4 – Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

Best Under-counter Ice Makers
Scotsman Undercounter Ice Maker

The Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker features an elegant design that delivers delicious ice cubes to meet your needs. This unit comes in an ideal size to allow users to install this machine under any countertop.

What’s more? This model is equipped with a water-quality sensor to determine the hardness of the water. It also comes with a user-intuitive control panel to notify users when the power is on.

This appliance sports a massive storage capacity to hold up to 26 lbs of ice cubes. This device delivers crunchy, soft ice perfect for your exclusive drinks like juice, cocktails, or liquids.


  • Adjustable legs
  • Stainless steel construction
  • It comes with a water-quality sensor
  • Easy to control
  • Ideal for use in kitchen, restaurant, or bar


  • Noisy
  • Cleaning off mold stains can be challenging

Top 5 – VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker

Best Under-counter Ice Makers
VEVOR Commercial Ice Maker

Next on our list is the VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker, which is one of the quickest ice machines on this list. This convenient appliance is touted to make up to 40 ice cubes in approximately 8 minutes for your mix and match drinks.

This commercial ice maker features durable stainless steel construction, which ensures this appliance is sturdy and lasts longer. It comes in a perfect size to allow users to install this machine under the kitchen counter, restaurant, or bar. Plus, its unique design helps maximize space.

More importantly, it has a dry filter and Nano blue light to offer fresh and clean ice cubes for optimal entertainment. This unit is suitable for people who love mixed drinks, basement bars, outdoor parties, and BBQ.


  • Smart automatic mechanism
  • Engineered with sturdy and durable material
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers fresh and clear ice cubes
  • Memory function


  • It does not forestall melting ice cubes

Top 6 – Smad Portable Ice Maker Machine

Best Under-counter Ice Makers
Portable Commercial Ice Maker Under Counter

The Smad Portable Ice Maker Machine measures 9.5 x 14.1 x 12.9-inch, which means you don’t have to sacrifice much space for this machine. Plus, you shouldn’t run into trouble transporting this equipment.

This model sports top-quality polished silver stainless steel. Hence, making cleaning this unit a cinch. Plus, it does not require much energy and time to maintain this ice maker. This equipment comes with a high-efficiency compressor to deliver up to 26 lbs of ice cubes per day and ensure you enjoy batches of ice cubes in less than 6 minutes.

Even better, this best undercounter ice machine includes an additional ice basket and ice scoop. Plus, it features a water shortage and ice full indicator, which makes it easy to operate. Also, it’s backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • No installation required
  • Produce up to 26 lbs. of bullet ice cubes in 24 hours
  • Water level indicator
  • Compact and portable construction


  • It takes longer to make crunchy ice

Top 7 – Manitowoc UDF0140A Undercounter Ice Machine

Best Under-counter Ice Makers
Undercounter Dice Cube Ice Machine

This model features a compact and stylish design to complement any decor. This ice maker is equipped with an efficient compressor to deliver massive amounts of ice cubes for commercial purposes.

Its quiet mode of operation is one of many reasons it has a spot on our list of the best undercounter ice maker machines. It’s equipped with a large holder to hold up 90 lbs of ice cubes. Plus, this model produces about 132 lbs of ice per day.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Convenient to use


  • Cleaning can be a hassle

Top 8 – COSTWAY Commercial Ice Machine

Best Under-counter Ice Makers
Portable Freestanding Ice Cube Maker

When it comes to fast ice-making machines, the COSTWAY Ice Machine is your best bet. This model makes about 88 lbs of ice per day. It features a clear, user-friendly LCD control panel for hassle-free control.

This powerful machine can make about 32 lbs of clear ice in less than 20 minutes. With its massive ice-making capacity, this model stores up to 8.8 lbs of ice to meet your daily needs. Also, it sports a heavy-duty construction to ensure incredible durability.


  • Massive ice-making capacity
  • fast-freezing ice
  • Automatic cleaning function
  • Easy to use


  • Issues keep the ice frozen

Top 9 – Manitowoc SM-50A Undercounter Ice Machine

Best Under-counter Ice Makers
Undercounter Octagonal Cube Ice Machine

Another spot, another ice machine from Manitowoc. This model comes with a water filter system with a scale inhibitor and a deep filtration system for clean, clear ice cubes.

This unit offers a large opening to provide easy access. The Manitowoc SM 50A Undercounter Cube Ice Machine can be installed into your kitchen cabinet or as a freestanding model.


  • Built-in or freestanding
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy access
  • Patented cleaning and sanitizing


  • Not suitable for residential kitchen

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Undercounter Ice Machine

best undercounter ice machine

Since the early days, ice has been one of the most useful tools for humans. From cooling drinks to preserving food items, it is safe to say that ice is an essential part of every household. And if you’re planning to purchase an undercounter ice maker, then you should consider some important factors before doing so.

A lot of research needs to be done on your end so you won’t regret spending money on something that doesn’t work as expected or isn’t worth your money.

Here are some crucial things you need to consider when buy the best undercounter ice makers.

1. Ice Storage/ Size

One common mistake people tend to commit is opting for a model with less storage space which eventually leads them in having frequent refills.

2. Ice Quality

There are undercounter ice makers that produce smaller-sized ice, soft cubes, half moon ice, and more. If you’re fond of drinking iced beverages with crushed ice, then opting for an appliance that produces small but denser cubes would be your best choice. If on the other hand, you prefer using larger chunks of ice in your drinks or just want to serve it to guests for cooling purposes, then choosing a model which offers large cubes is the way to go.

3. Cooling System

This feature refers to how well an undercounter ice maker handles heat buildup inside its interior. An air cooled system usually performs better than compressor-based models when exposed in hot surrounding temperatures since these appliances don’t require large vents for heat to go out.

4. Water Supply

This feature refers to the availability of water supply lines and faucets that provide easy installation and maintenance procedures. Make sure that your choice of undercounter ice maker comes with a direct water line connection, otherwise you might end up hunting for adapters and additional tools just to get things done.

5. Drainage

Most undercounter ice makers utilize tray or bucket systems when it comes to gathering excess water from melted ice. Emergency drain plugs are also common on some models so there’s no need for users to lift trays filled with excess water in order to dump them off.

6. Maintenance

Undercounter ice makers come in different shapes and sizes, but they mostly need the same amount of care and attention so they can function properly. Some appliances come with self-cleaning mechanisms while some require manual cleaning by the user. Make sure to consider this feature before purchasing an appliance that isn’t easy to maintain or clean.

7. Price

It’s always best to invest on an affordable yet high performing undercounter ice maker than settling for something more expensive but doesn’t work as expected.

8. Storage Capacity

It’s essential to determine the amount of ice needed to meet your daily demand. An undercounter ice-making machine should offer enough space to hold the necessary amount of ice cubes.

9. Production Capacity

To ensure you end up with the right undercounter ice maker, you need to know on average how many ice cubes are required per day. For commercial applications, you need a machine that delivers at least 26 lbs of ice a day. But a 12 – 20 lbs ice-making capacity is well-suited for residential purposes.

10. Placement

Undercounter models are heavy, and a bit large, which might make them appear bulky. Therefore you should make sure you’ve enough room to install this machine. More importantly, you should check the machine’s dimension before choosing to prevent purchasing the wrong device.

Types of Undercounter Ice Makers

There are 3 types of under-counter ice makers available on the market. They come in three different styles: pan style, bucket style, and bin-style. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages related to the way they make ice.

1). Bin-Style Under-counter Ice Makers

The bin-style makes one large block of ice that can be up to 50 pounds or more depending on the model. When placed into an ice chest it is easy for people to use all of the ice without fighting over pieces.

The problem is that this type doesn’t hold any water so extra measures have to be taken if you want filtered water or crushed ice. You may have to buy a separate unit or fill an external container with filtered water every time you want a drink.

2). Pan Style Under-counter Ice Makers

The pan-style undercounter ice maker makes one large block of ice, just like the bin-style, but it has a built-in reservoir unlike its counterpart.

This is great for those who don’t want to purchase filtered water separately or make crushed ice on demand because the machine comes with an integrated crusher and chip dispenser. One negative aspect of this style however is that it can make noise when crushing the ice inside.

Bucket Style Under-counter Ice Makers

These simple machines are made up of a storage compartment for cubes and a bucket that dispenses them into a glass below. Although they’re easy to load and use without making noise , their major drawback is the difficulty in getting cubes from the bucket because you have to use a scoop.

The machine can’t make crushed ice either because there’s no crushing mechanism, so it may be worth purchasing a separate unit if that’s what you want.

All three types of undercounter ice makers require regular cleaning and maintenance to run efficiently. If not taken care of they won’t last very long, but with proper upkeep you can expect your icemaker to work for years without any malfunctions.

Why Do You Should Buy The Best Undercounter Ice Machine?

1). Large capacity.

The best under counter ice makers can hold up to 50 lbs worth of ice. This is more than enough for a large party or an office. It eliminates the need to run to the store in advance and buy bags of ice, which will quickly add up in cost.

Plus, once you have it at home, you do not have to worry about refilling it all day because there’s a lot in there already.

2). Business easier.

If you own your own business as bar, pub, restaurant… then an under counter ice maker should be near the top of your list when buying new equipment if you don’t already have one. Serving cold drinks at events is part of what people are paying for when they choose your company over the other local options, so it needs to be done in a way that leaves them impressed.

If there’s no ice machine in place, then business will likely suffer because everyone knows how hot it gets during the summer months and that having cold water around is important for feeling refreshed between presentations.

3). Easy to use.

Even someone who has never used an under counter ice maker before should have no trouble figuring out their basic functions without ever reading the instructions manual.

Just fill it with water, turn on the melt cycle via the power switch, and wait until there are enough ice cubes in the container to enjoy drinks with. If you want crushed ice instead, then remove the basket and flip it down into its holder before turning on the power.

4). Safety features.

The best under counter ice makers use a sensor that will stop the machine quickly if the lid or door is ever opened unexpectedly. This ensures that there won’t be any injuries from leaning over to get a glass of water and accidentally bumping into it as it’s making ice.

Another handy feature is being able to walk away from the job instead of watching over an entire tray of cubes as they come out, so you can do other things while waiting for them to form.

How to install the undercounter ice maker (youtube)

install the undercounter ice maker


Hopefully, this guide should make the decision process a lot easier, considering our review of the top best undercounter ice machine and a detailed buying guide. But if you want to make a quick choice, you should consider our top pick, Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine. This product is easy to clean, saves time, money and space, thanks to its innovative design and seamless appearance.

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