SAMPLE MENU (Farm-to-table and changes daily based on produce. Everything is made in house if not noted from butter to cheese to pate.  We use locally farmed and foraged ingredients.)

Supper Omnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan. We choose. You feast.
Chef’s Supper Four courses $38
Farm Supper Three courses $32
Simple Supper A hearty bowl, a seasonal toast, & some pickles $21

One Pot Supper for Two Dutch oven full of broth & goodies with rye bread $38
Black Fish in Iron for Two Fresh from our local fisherman with seasonal veggies $62
Chicken Dinner for Two Whole Roasted Pastured Chicken with seasonal veggies $48
Veal Sirloin in Iron for Two Full Circus Farm Pasture Raised Veal with seasonal veggies $68
A Sumptuous Repast For five or more people. Cheese & meat for the table, pickles, two family style dishes of our choice, and chocolate truffle $35 per person
The Feast For five or more people. Cheese & meat for the table, paos, pickles, a one pot, three family style dishes of our choice, and chocolate truffle $49 per person

Some Items from Today’s Supper-
Savory Baked Apple chili-onion puree, grits, fresh cheese, chickweed oil
Blue Oyster Mushrooms yellow onions, sage, parsnips, cream reduction
Pan-fried Catskills Mountain River Trout spring kale, heirloom iroquois corn grits, arugula oil
Ground Pork Meat Balls apple-onion butter, spicy kale stems
Grass-Fed Steak pear mustard, seared onions, roasted sweet potatoes

A La Carte
Pao de Queijo Addictive Brazilian cheese bread. Made in house. $6
Pickles Carrots, onions and lots of other veggies. Made in house. $7
House Smoked Feta Salad Radish, pickled rhubarb, sage-sorrel dressing $11
Add soft-boiled egg for $2
Wild Mushrooms Rosemary, black pepper, butter, white wine $10
Add soft-boiled egg for $2
Red Beans Onions, tarragon, dill, white wine, fresh feta $8.5
Persian Cucumbers Labnah, mint dijon mustard, radish black volcanic salt $9
Smoked Trout Toast Labnah, cucumber, brassica oil $12
Foie Gras Toast Duck liver, chives, dates, sourdough rye $13
Chicken Liver Pate Yellow onions, cocoa, allspaice, black pepper, butter $9
Cornish Hen Quarter Bok choy, anise, black pepper $15
Moulard Duck Leg Basil sesame oil, wine soaked black currants $21

Cheese & Meats
Our selection for the table $28 * A la carte $12
Sprout Creek Kinkead * Sprout Creek Madeline * Sprout Creek Bogart Chaseholm Farm Alpage * Hoofprint Camembert * Homemade Labnah * Jacuterie Black Truffle Salami * Karl Family Fuet

Homemade Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Truffle Rolled in cocoa. $7
Triple Cream Goat Cheese with wildflower honey $12

Q Ginger Beer $7
Biodynamic Raw Unfiltered Savatiano Grape Juice from Greece $8
Coffee Sitio Pinheirinho, Brazil. Roasted in house. $3.5
Tea $4
Saratoga Sparkling Water $5

Gluten Free Bread Available
Ingredients are from local farms and fair trade.
NGF-Not gluten free. Bread substitutions available on request.

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