Best Way to Reheat Pizza in Toaster Oven in 2023

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Pizza is one of America’s most popular food items, and many people love to eat pizza for lunch or dinner. However, some kitchens don’t have a large oven, and this can make reheating pizza difficult. 

Luckily, there are simple ways to reheat pizza without an oven! One way is by using a toaster oven; when you use a toaster oven, it will heat your entire kitchen but give you that crispy crust that everybody loves. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some variety into your life while still getting all the benefits of eating delicious homemade pizza, then try out these tips!

This blog post was written with consumers in mind and provided them with easy ways to reheat their favorite dish at home without any struggles!

Reheat Pizza in Toaster Oven

1. Toaster Oven Functions

Toaster ovens are great for the home, but they can be a bit confusing. They have three settings: high heat on top and bottom of the toaster; a middle setting, usually medium, or cooks food longer depending on what you choose. 

It will just get done when ready no matter how long I let my bread maker go without checking its progress bar!

The digital versions offer recipes, so there’s less chance of burning anything. These machines know whether we’re reheating anyones’ favorite mini chocolate chip cookie recipe as opposed to who might think “cookies” means large brown sugar covered treat rather than small sugary biscuit pieces enjoyed after school lunch with milk.

Toaster Ovens: 3 Settings Up

a. For Toasting

To toast your bread evenly and cook it just the way you like, use a dial or knob on the side of this toaster oven. The upper element heats more than the lower one so that an even amount gets distributed throughout both heating surfaces. 

Referring back to the owner’s manual when placing a wire rack for different types of food such as sandwiches will ensure proper cooking time every single time.

b. For Bake

This is the most common setting for a conventional oven. It functions similarly to an electric range, and much like how you would cook on one, there are only two heating elements. 

However, they’re both turned up high while baking which means that when food cooks in this department, it gets cooked from all sides evenly with no scorching or burning at any point! 

The top element turns off during baking time but still maintains heat, so your goodies don’t overcook as quickly – especially if using convection methods (more about those below).

c. For Broil

Burning food? No problem! Turn up the heat with this broil setting. The top heating element will be on only, giving more precise control over where you want that delicious smoky flavor to go – in between those s’mores or onto some nachos for after dinner.

The bottom one can stay off while cooking your meal and saving energy; ideal, if roasting peppers is what’s desired instead of burning them from both sides like everyday grilling, does (though I’d recommend using tongs, so any spilled liquid doesn’t burn).

How to reheat pizza in toaster oven, microwave and a pan?

1. How to reheat pizza in toaster oven?

Warm up pizza in toaster oven is an excellent option for those who have some free time or like their crust crispy and crunchy. Of course, you’ll have to wait around, but when it comes down to getting that perfect slice again after reheating, this may be your go-to method! 

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reheat pizza in toaster oven

Not sure how long they should cook on top of an already heated surface? Don’t worry—we’ve done all the research (and eating way too much delicious artisanal cheese), so here are four easy steps about cooking reheated pizzas evenly every single time:

Step 1: 

Preheat the toaster oven up to 450 degrees F. You will need it for reheating pizza, so crank up the heat! Make sure that you put in a baking pan while doing this and place other dishes with food on low racks or shelves above where they’re cooking just as far away from any open flame sources like gas burners because these can cause fires if set too close together.

Step 2: 

When the baking pan has reached 450 F (be careful, it’s hot!), remove from oven and put pizza on top

You might be wondering what’s going to happen when you take your deliciously golden browned crusty bread out of that warm heaven.

Well, for one thing, there will now only be an empty black space where once stood a delightful tray full of sinful pleasures! The remaining dough should still have some integrity, so using utensils explicitly made for handling raw meats can come in handy here or at least they’ll get clean again after dealing with all these messy toppings anyway.

Step 3:

The pizza will be ready when you remove the pan from the oven.

Then bake it in 10 minutes.

Step 4: 

It’s time to enjoy your freshly baked goods! Take the hot pan out of the oven and let all those delicious-looking slices rest for five minutes.

Now, you know the best way to reheat pizza in toaster oven!

Tips for heating up pizza in toaster oven

– It’s a well-known fact that heating the oven is one of your best culinary tips. Not only will preheating make for crispier slices, but also healthier cookies and brownies as they’ll stay crunchy longer!

The heat from cooking can take away some foods more than others, so by giving everything an even bake before adding in any ingredients or putting onto plates; you’re ensuring each dish comes out perfect every single time.

– Avoid using too much heat when rewarming it. 450°F is the right temperature you should stick to, as excessive-high temperatures will burn food and melt cheese! Once your pizza has started melting away from its edges. 

Then that’s a sign that all of those delicious toppings are about ready for their big day on top – whether they be mushrooms or pepperoni (or both!).

– One way to prevent your pie from drying out is by spritzing some water on top. You can also use a spray bottle filled with plain or vanilla ice cream for more flavor!

You must keep the edges moist too – don’t forget about them as they are exposed during baking times without protection.

– Some people prefer to put their food directly on the oven rack instead of using a baking pan. They feel this method is quicker because it only takes around 7 minutes, which can be beneficial if you’re in a hurry!

One thing about this style of reheating is that, while it can become messy and take up a reasonable amount of time (the best part), you will be able to enjoy your treats on both sides because they are directly exposed to heat. 

To avoid any messes or accidents when making these masterpieces in the kitchen, use foil sheets for upper layers if preheating isn’t an option but make sure not to forget about lower parts that need extra attention!

What to avoid when heating up pizza in toaster oven?

There are four things you should never put in your oven. Items that pose fire hazards, such as paper towels and cardboard, can be turned into ash by the high heat of a toaster oven! Other items might catch on fire or explode if they come too close to one another. Hence, keep these away from anything made out of plastic: 

Plastic containers with lids (like margarine tubs), squeeze bottles filled jars- heck, even Tupperware bowls could meltdown. Something terrible happens if placed near this type of fuel source, which would mean some severe cleanup duty once everything starts burning up around us all over again…

2. How to reheat pizza in the microwave?

reheat pizza in toaster oven
reheat pizza in the microwave

Step 1: A microwave is an excellent option for reheating pizza, but many people complain that the resulting product leaves them with chewy cardboard pieces. The key to getting good results? A quick thaw in boiling water or heating oven-to-oven!

With all the hustle and bustles of a day, it can be challenging to find time for cooking dinner. But what if there was an easy way that didn’t require much effort? All you need are some ingredients (a mug or bowl) and your microwave! 

Step 2: Place them inside as directed by package directions, then place on high power stand-by while waiting until the cook cycle is complete before eating — voila: hot pizza in minutes without having soggy dough.

Step 3: To ensure that your pizza is as crispy and delicious as it can be, place a sheet of parchment underneath on the plate.

Step 4: Fill up some water in a ceramic mug, about two-thirds full – this is to microwave for 1 minute at 50% power before placing them directly onto plates like regular pizzas would be cooked traditionally! 

Step 5: Once done, cooking time should vary depending upon desired taste, but now you can always make adjustments based on what feels right when tasting, so don’t panic if one doesn’t turn out perfectly the first time around because practice makes perfect.

3. How to reheat pizza in a pan?

Reheating pizza in a pan or skillet is the best option if you want all of those delicious flavors at your fingertips but don’t have time to wait for an oven. 

reheat pizza in toaster oven
reheat pizza in a pan

Expert Anthony Falco said that this method works well and will not degrade any toppings. In contrast, others recommend using cast iron instead of nonstick surfaces because they heat up more slowly than other cookware. Here’s how to reheat pizzas with five simple steps.

Step 1: Just heat up pizza in a pan on medium-low temperature.

Step 2: Cook for two minutes or until the bottom is crunchy and golden brown.

Step 3: Then turn off heat but leave the skillet containing pie in place, so the dough does not burn.

Step 4: Add water (two drops at a time) towards the end of the final minute as cooking continues without you having to do anything else – this will help melt cheese while preserving its crispiness factor too! 

Step 5: Once done, cover with a lid, leaving it there overnight if possible before eating because who wants something that isn’t cheesy enough already?

6. What foods are better to reheat in the toaster oven?

The toaster oven is an excellent choice for reheating food. It provides gentle, even heating so you can keep your dish from drying out, and it also has an automatic shut-off feature that protects the appliance against overheating. 

Here are some dishes that will taste better if cooked again on this device:

a. Pizza

Of all the food items to reheat, pizza is one of my favorites. I find that a baking sheet in an oven heated from below is perfect for getting rid of any moisture and making sure it doesn’t get soggy or crunchy at the edges during dinner time!

The toaster oven is an excellent device for reheating pizza.

b. Grilled sandwiches:

Reheating grilled sandwiches is a great way to use up leftover paninis and cheese bread. The best thing about this method? You get both the crispiness from an oven-toasted exterior as well as that trademark warmth in your middle when reheated using any appliance, be it electric or gas!

c. Crunchy bread

A toaster oven is an excellent tool for getting that perfect crunch on your bread. Even models are available with convection capabilities, so you can make sure it’s cooked evenly and not just from heating the exterior of an unkempt slice!

A simple five-to ten-minute stint in 350-degree heat will refresh any stale loaf before dinner time rolls around, making them ready enough to eat without having first warmed through gently–perfect when paired waffles or eggs benedict as well.

d. Dried foods: 

Toaster ovens are great for re-crisping fried foods and toast. Reheating breaded ingredients is a good idea since the drier heat provided by this appliance will help crisp them up again!

e. Bake goodies

Baked goods are much better when they’re warm, and the best option is an oven. Reheating a tart for just two minutes will make it as good on day two or three as fresh out of your kitchen!

What’s worse than buying stale cookies? Wasting money at a grocery store where you bought some yesterday because someone else said they’d been there before but then found out later that person never went anywhere near their cash register again past the first bite.

f. Grilled & toasted meats

Tired of dry, overcooked BBQ chicken? The best way to combat this problem is by reheating it in the oven. This will keep your meat moist and juicy no matter how long you cook them!

g. Seafood

It is not easy to cook seafood in the microwave, and you probably don’t want your dinner ruined just because of this one mistake. The low-and-slow method will ensure that all those juices remain fresh while retaining their original flavors for an enjoyable meal with friends or family members!

7. Where to buy a toaster oven?

A good toaster oven can do everything from toast bagels to bake a pizza in today’s modern kitchen. They’re perfect for the single man or the empty-nester who still wants their oven — but doesn’t want to heat the whole house with an electric range. 

Although prices vary depending on the features, a toaster oven has, a good one can be purchased for under $150. That’s a small investment compared with buying a separate, traditional oven and microwave.

When shopping for one, consider the space you have available. A toaster oven that catches your eye but is too big may be a deterrent more than an asset.

Many department stores sell them, as do major home appliance chains. For shoppers on the go, checkout services are practically everywhere. And of course, shopping online is easy and offers the best selection, such as Amazon or Walmart.

To buy a toaster oven, you can purchase one in many department stores, home appliance chains such as Best Buy and Sears. Online you have the largest selection to choose from.

FAQs on reheat pizza in toaster oven

Q1: What is the best temperature to reheat pizza in toaster oven?

To keep your cheese ooey-gooey, spritz the top of a slice with water and place it on an oven rack. Then put it at 425° for 7 minutes – that’s about half the time it would take if you were using standard heating methods!

Q2: How do you heating up pizza without making it soggy?

All you need to do for this trick to work is put a microwavable glass water right next to the pizza. Then, place it on top with no rim touching any metal and heat only 45 seconds – just long enough so that there’s still some steam escaping from inside!

Q3: How do you reheat frozen pizza in a toaster oven?

Try to reheat the toaster oven as high as possible. Give it ten minutes or more if you have a big one and five for smaller ones! Take away all of those materials used in packing, too – they’re not needed anymore since we’ve already cooked everything else first (you don’t want any leftovers)!

Using an oven rack is the best way to ensure your pizza is cooked through and is not soggy at the bottom or burning on top. 

Place it as close to where you want heat coming out of as possible so that all parts can absorb some, and make sure not to put anything too heavy above them because they will distribute weight differently than pans do, which could cause uneven cooking later down the line! 

You’ll know when either checking does it for doneness within 5-7 minutes (the timer varies per individual machine) – if there’s still dough sticking together after cutting into slices, then congratulations–you did something right this time around.

When it is finished, the cheese in the middle should be light brown. Then, you can take out your masterpiece and enjoy it!


Reheat pizza in toaster oven is the best way to warm up and perfect your delicious pizza. 

When looking for the best way to reheat your leftover pizza, remember that it can always be eaten cold. However, this will never live up to how freshly made a pie tastes and smells like- which is why knowing heating methods comes in handy! The ones outlined here make sure that they warm up their food and ensure flavor remains intact while doing so.

Hopefully, you have a good time finding out that heating up pizza is not only a toaster oven but other methods. Finally, hope you have a nice pizza plate!

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