Gourmia Digital French Door Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reviews

With hundreds of brands in the kitchen industry, the competition can be hard on consumers. The market is flooded with many options and promises to improve users’ experience and overall culinary skills.

However, one of the few brands known for their high-quality air fryers lines is Gourmia, and their Gourmia GTF7355 is not an exception.

So, if you’re wondering if this appliance will help turn your food into a low-calorie meal to cater to your healthy lifestyle, you have come to the right place.


Here is an unbiased Gourmia Digital French Door Air Fryer Toaster Oven review is ensure you make an informed decision:

A Quick Review

gourmia digital french door air fryer toaster oven reviews
gourmia digital french door air fryer oven reviews

Equipped with 12 cooking functions, this air fryer oven brings outstanding cooking performance and versatility to any kitchen countertop. From air frying to dehydrating and everything in between, the Gourmia GTF7355 will come in handy for preparing any recipe.

In addition, this model is supplied with essential accessories to ensure consumers get the most out of the appliance. The air fryer accessories support any cooking method and ensure it yields a satisfactory result. Plus, it allows you to cook any meal with little to no oil for a healthier meal.

More so, the Gourmia GTF7355 12-in-1 Multi-function Digital Air Fryer Oven offers a generous cooking capacity to fit a 12-inch pizza and six toast slices simultaneously. Hence, it makes the perfect cooking appliance for a medium-sized family.

Furthermore, this air fryer uses the convection cooking method like most of the iterations from this brand. With this cooking method, you should expect your food to be crispy, golden on the outside, and tender on the inside.

According to the manufacturer, this cooking device is ETL-certified, which assures customers that this air fryer is safe and healthy to cook your family’s daily meals.

That’s not all: the Gourmia Digital French Door Air Fryer Toaster Oven features a stainless steel construction offering a timeless appearance and impressive durability. Also, it comes with a glass window front door for a modern appeal and complements your kitchen aesthetics. Plus, the see-through door allows you to monitor the cooking progress in real-time.

Even better, the LED screen at the top-right displays the necessary information such as cooking time and temperature so you don’t have to rack your brain or do some tiring guesswork. Despite its affordable price range, this model comes with a rack, a recipe book, a crumb tray, and a baking pan – good value for money.

Gourmia Digital French Door Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reviews: Features & Function

Gourmia Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo 12 Cooking Presets 1700W Digital Air Fryer Oven 20L capacity air fryer accessories included convection toaster oven rack, baking pan, tray recipe book GTF7360

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Straight out of the box, we were impressed with how this device looked and felt. It is made from stainless steel, which increases our trust in its durability and long years of servitude. However, it comes in a black color mix with silver for a contemporary style to add exciting visuals to your kitchen and countertop.

This centerpiece features a glass window front door and beautiful interior lighting to make it easier to track your cooking. At the top right, the manufacturer places an LCD screen to provide essential information like the cooking timer and temperature. Plus, you don’t have to rack your brain or engage in some serious guesswork.

On top of that, this powerful machine features a compact design to allow consumers to set up easily without sacrificing more rooms on your countertop.

FryForce 360° Technology

gourmia digital french door air fryer toaster oven reviews

The FryForce 360° Technology is responsible for easy and fast cooking, which consumers rave about. This appliance is designed with versatility in mind. With your imagination running wild, this oven keeps up and boasts of delivering chewy fruit leather, crispy chicken wings, and cheesy pizzas.

The FryForce 360° Technology features a patented airflow duct system to generate powerful super-heated air by blowing air over the 1400w heating element. This process targets your food with extremely hot air from all directions to ensure it is crispy fried with a golden exterior and tender inside.

This way, the Gourmia GTF7355 12-in-1 Multi-function Digital Air Fryer Oven cooks your food with little to no oil to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Also, you won’t be sacrificing much on taste, as it offers nearly the same result as deep frying.

12 Cooking Presets

Next, this countertop appliance features several cooking presets to let home chefs get the most out of this device. The beast will turn even a basic recipe into a gourmet meal. The Gourmia Digital French Door Air Fryer Toaster Oven is multifunctional and suitable for up to 12 cooking functions, from Air Fry, Toast & Roast, Bagel & Bacon, Seafood, Dehydrate & Bake, Broil & Fries, Wings, Keep Warm, etc.

If you want to enjoy an upscale dining experience, you don’t want to ignore this powerful cooking machine. It’s equipped with a 1400W heating element for superior performance and a quick-cooking experience. In short, it’s the right gadget to help improve your culinary skills.

Accessories & Recipe Book

gourmia digital french door air fryer toaster oven reviews

The Gourmia GTF7355 12-in-1 Multi-function Digital Air Fryer Oven comes with a baking tray, fry basket, oven rack, and crumb tray to allow home chefs to get the most out of this affordable device. In addition, these accessories can be tossed into your dishwasher for convenient cleanup.

Another thing we love about this product is the included recipe book allows casual cooks to get started straight out of the package. Further, the recipe book contains more than 20 easy-to-follow recipes, including Roasted Baby Carrots, Bourbon Pecan Brownies, Banana Leaf Fish, and more.

Certification & Warranty

The Gourmia Digital French Door Air Fryer Toaster Oven comes with ETL certification, proving that this appliance features a high-quality construction for safe and efficient cooking. This model comes with just about anything you need to make sumptuous meals for your family. However, if this device fails, the manufacturer protects your investment with a 1-year warranty. Its warranty policy sweetens the deal.

Features of The Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The best air fryer toaster ovens are versatile appliances that can do so much more than just toast bread. Air fryers combine the convenience of a toaster oven with the hot-air used by deep fryers, them capable of baking, bro, steaming and roasting With an air fryer toaster oven, you can cookily without sacrificing flavor or texture Here are some features you should when looking for the best air fry toaster oven for your kitchen:

1. Temperature Range: The temperature range is one of the most important features in determining how versatile an air fryer toaster oven will be. Look for an appliance with a wide range that allows you to cook low and slow, or up to maximum temperatures for tasks such as air frying.

2. Controls: It’s important to look for a model with intuitive controls that are easy to use and understand. Look for models that have either manual knobs or digital touchscreens with clearly marked functions.

3. Capacity: Consider how much space you need in your kitchen when selecting an air fryer toaster oven. Many models come in different sizes, so make sure you choose one that can accommodate all of your needs without taking up too much counter-space.

4. Accessories: Most air fryer toaster ovens come with basic accessories such as baking pans, trays, and crumb trays. However, some models come with additional accessories such as removable drip trays, rotisserie kits, and even a divider that allows you to cook two items at once.

5. Cleaning: Look for an air fryer toaster oven that is easy to clean. Many models have non-stick surfaces and are dishwasher safe for added convenience. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning your appliance.

6. Price: As with any kitchen appliance, price is always an important factor when selecting the best air fryer toaster oven for your home. Shop around and compare prices from different retailers to make sure you get the best deal possible on your new appliance.

Gourmia Air Fryer Oven FAQs

Q: What is an air fryer oven?

A: An air fryer oven is a countertop appliance that uses hot air to cook food. It typically has a basket or tray that holds the food, and a fan that circulates the hot air around the food.

Q: How does an air fryer oven work?

A: Air fryer ovens work by circulating hot air around food. The hot air helps to cook the food, and the fan helps to circulate the hot air.

Q: What are the benefits of using an air fryer oven?

A: Air fryer ovens can be used to cook a variety of foods. They can also be used to cook food faster than traditional methods, and they can produce less fat and calories.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to using an air fryer oven?

A: Some people may find that air fryer ovens are more expensive than other countertop appliances. Additionally, air fryer ovens can be noisy, and they may require more counter space than other appliances.


In summary, the Gourmia GTF7355 12-in-1 Multi-function Digital Air Fryer Oven wowed us with its elegant design, unbeatable cooking performance, and ease of use. It is equipped with a 1400W heating element and  FryForce 360° Technology for crispy, healthy meals. You can’t go wrong purchasing this device, and its 1-year manufacturer warranty protects your investment.

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