Revolutionize your cooking with Sur La’s 13 qt Air Fryer – Expert Review

The Sur La Table Air Fryer 13 Qt is a versatile kitchen appliance that has been gaining popularity in recent times. This air fryer is designed to cook food with little to no oil, making it a healthier alternative to traditional deep fryers. Its large 13-quart capacity makes it perfect for cooking meals for large families or entertaining guests.

The Sur La Table Air Fryer 13 Qt comes equipped with a range of features, including a digital touch screen, multiple cooking modes, and a rapid air circulation system that ensures even cooking.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the Sur La Table Air Fryer 13 Qt and assess its performance, features, and overall value for money.

sur la table air fryer 13 qt review

Sur La Table 13 Quart Multifunctional Air fryer Reviews

sur la table air fryer 13 qt review
Sur La Table Air Fryer 13 Q t

The Sur La Table Air Fryer is manufactured by one of the leading brands with a strong online presence finding its way into most households in the USA and neighboring areas. This model comes with dishwasher-friendly equipment and free accessories.

No doubt, there are mixed reviews about this air fryer on many review sites. However, this handy kitchen appliance checks many factors on our lists. Most customers assert its reliability, stellar performance, ease of use, and durability.

Furthermore, this unit is equipped with a 1700-watt motor, robust enough to handle any cooking mode. It’s hassle-free to use with its free accessories. This air fryer offers a good bang for your buck and is backed by the brand’s generous warranty policy – for a worry-free purchase.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this appliance and see if it’s worth your penny.

Design & Key Features

sur la table air fryer 13 qt review
measures 17 x 16 x 17 inches

The Sur La Table Air Fryer 1818 measures 17 x 16 x 17 inches which is a compact gadget as countertop appliances go. Its design is visually appealing and sleek, without compromising functionality.

Coming with a black and chrome finish, this gadget can earn a permanent spot on your worktop. Plus, you don’t have to create room for this gadget. This appliance is luxurious and ergonomic.

This model comes with a single cooking drawer that slides out effortlessly to offer a whopping 13 Quart cooking capacity. This should be enough to cook a generous amount of food – 12 cupcakes, 1kg of chicken, for instance.

More so, it comes with a crisper plate to allow you to brown your food when air-frying. It helps circulate even air to get rid of the excess moisture and deliver a golden, crispy finish. Plus, it prevents the food from sticking to the appliance for easy food release and a snappy cleaning experience.

On top of that, this unit does more than just air fry; it’s suitable for dehydrating, reheating, roasting, and baking. Thanks to its digital control panel, these features are easier to access. Even better, it comes with a countdown timer to display the amount of cooking time left.

Cooking Performance

sur la table air fryer 13 qt review
cooking functions

At 23 pounds, you should not find it difficult to carry this machine out of the box and set it up on your worktop. There’s a QuickStart guide book included in the package containing several recipes to get you started with fish, pork, chicken, vegetarian dishes, and desserts.

This model offers up to seven cooking functions – Air fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, rotisserie, reheat, and broil. More so, it comes with 10 cooking presets to ensure easy, intuitive operation. The Sur La Table 13-Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer is a powerful appliance with an incredible cooking performance. It cooks faster, even before the recommended time.

It’s only a matter of time before you start creating mouthwatering, sumptuous dishes in ultra-quick time. The Sur La Table 13-Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer is equipped with 1700 watts of power coupled with the 360 Airflow Technology to allow you to cook your foods like wings, onion rings, and fries with little to no oil.

With the Sur La Table 13 Quart 1818 Multifunctional Air Fryer, you should expect your air-fried foods crispy on the outside and super tender inside.

sur la table air fryer 13 qt review

Should I buy the Sur La Table 13-Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer?

Buy if …

You are looking to make dinner more enjoyable. This air fryer comes with a recipe booklet containing ‘Chicken Fajitas with Spicy Roast potatoes’ or ‘Coconut-lime Cod and Cauliflower Rice.’

Want more flexibility: its 7-in-1 cooking function allows you to do more with this single unit, from roasting to broiling.

You are trying to stay away from deep-fat frying: the Sur La Table 13-Quart 1818 Multifunctional Air Fryer is a healthier option to allow you to fry your food without much oil.

Don’t buy if …

You don’t love fried food. This air fryer crisps your foods in the least time possible, which might not be the ideal choice for you, preferring saucy slow-cooked dishes.

You want a microwave-style reheat function. Although this model revives leftovers, its reheat performance is not up to par with the standard microwave. Hence, this unit won’t warm, cook already-prepared meals, or melt liquids.

You need to feed a hungry crowd. Coming with a 13-Quart cooking capacity, this unit won’t be the best bet for cooking large batches to feed many mouths at once. Nonetheless, it’s a perfect choice for a small family.

Top Features of the Sur La Table Air Fryer

  • 7-in-1 cooking function
  • 1700 Watts of power
  • 13-Quart large capacity
  • 360° Airflow technology
  • Extra-large easy-grip handle
  • LED digital display panel with automatic shut-off
  • Clear extra-large window for easy viewing
  • 10 Preset cooking functions
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Recipe book and 9 Piece accessory set

Included Accessories

  • Air fryer basket with detachable handle
  • Rotating drum basket
  • Rotisserie stand
  • Skewer Forks (2)
  • Kebab Skewers (8)
  • Rotisserie handle
  • Skewers rack
  • Drip tray
  • Air frying trays (2)

IS THIS Sur la Table Air Fryer WORTH BUYING?

The Sur la Table Air Fryer is an excellent product. The 1700 watts offers a substantial power and there are many components without any additional price to pay. There also exists a famous e-retail site for this brand, such as Amazon.

Sur La Table Digital Air Fryer Reviews show that the selling portal has an excellent credibility. It cannot be counterfeit or paid because it’s not free. The old brand makes trustworthiness too.

So what will you do? Keep on reading this article to know more!

There’re several air fryers in the market now a day but there’s only a few which can give you satisfactory results, so it is better to be careful before making sur la table air fryer 13 qt review.

Some air fryers have a 1 year warranty while others have 6 months warranty, so you should be careful about that too. So you’d better check on Sur la Table official site for full features and freebies to get the 1-year warranty.

You will get 9 accessories in this air fryer which are air fryer basket with detachable handle, Rotating drum basket, Rotisserie stand, Skewer Forks (2),….

This is really an awesome offer because some other models charge extra money when they provide only 2 to 3 pieces of accessories without any additional charge As I said before, there is a huge capacity inside this air fryer which is up to 13 quarts so you can cook lots of food in here at the same time. The 2 interchangeable 2-piece fry baskets are also included for various types of cooking needs.

Sur La Table Air Fryer 13 qt Reviews show that the manufacturer uses 1700 watts and it has outstanding features that no other brands have, such as oven safe baking pan and dishwasher safe accessories. Those attachments help you finish the job faster & easier which enhances your cooking performance amazingly!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for way better than expected results in a short amount of time with pretty minimal effort, then I suggest getting one today because Sur la Table Digital Air Fryer is really worth buying! It’s not free but it’s not expensive for this type of high-quality product.

Sur La Table 13 Quart Air Fryer Reviews By Video


In conclusion, the Sur La Table Air Fryer 13 qt is an exceptional appliance that is ideal for individuals who want to enjoy healthy and delicious meals without the hassle of traditional cooking methods. With its spacious 13-quart capacity, you can cook large portions of food at a time, making it perfect for families or entertaining guests.

The air fryer functions efficiently without the need for excessive oil, making it a perfect appliance for individuals who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, the durable construction, intuitive controls, and easy-to-clean design make the Sur La Table Air Fryer 13 qt an excellent investment for anyone looking for a high-quality appliance that will last for years to come.

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