Best Pizza Peel for Ooni: Maximizing Your Pizza-Making Experience

When it comes to pizza-making, one of the most pivotal tools is the pizza peel. This long-handled, shovel-like tool is not just for transporting the pizza into and out of the oven, but for ensuring the perfect bake as well. A high-quality pizza peel, like those best suited for Ooni, allows you to handle the pizza without disturbing its shape or toppings, giving you more control over the baking process.

It plays a crucial role in achieving the professional and mouth-watering result that Ooni ovens promise. With the best pizza peel for ooni, you can truly maximize your Ooni pizza-making experience.

Best Pizza Peel for Ooni

Understanding the Role of a Pizza Peel

A Pizza Peel is a fundamental tool in the pizza-making process. It is typically a shovel-like implement used to slide pizzas in and out of an oven, ensuring both safety and ease of handling. Made of either wood or metal, its broad, flat surface supports the pizza, while the long handle keeps the chef’s hands at a safe distance from the heat.

Through this post to gain insights into the top pizza peels in the market, their key features and how they enhance your Ooni pizza-making experience. We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision and take your homemade pizza game to the next level.

For Ooni ovens, the use of a pizza peel is integral. Ooni pizza ovens are designed to reach high temperatures quickly, crucial for achieving a perfect, bubbly Neapolitan-style crust. The pizza peel’s design lends itself to swiftly moving the pizza into, around and out of the high-heat environment without disturbing the pizza’s shape or toppings.

Therefore, using the best Pizza Peel is crucial when operating these ovens to ensure both excellent results and safe handling.

Top Rated Pizza Peel for Ooni 12, 16

Types of Pizza Peels

There are primarily three types of pizza peels: metal, wood and composite.

Metal Pizza Peels

Metal pizza peels are durable and easy to clean. Their thin and sharp edge is perfect for sliding under the pizza in high-heat environments such as an Ooni oven. However, their surfaces can be quite sticky, which can pose a problem when launching the pizza into the oven.

Wooden Pizza Peels

Wooden pizza peels, often favored for their classic aesthetic and natural non-stick property, are best for launching the pizza into the oven. Their slightly rougher surface makes it easier to slide the pizza off. But, they can be challenging to clean and may not be as durable as their metal counterparts.

Composite Pizza Peels

Composite pizza peels offer a balance of the above two types. They are non-stick, easy to clean, and quite durable, making them suitable for both launching and retrieving pizza from an Ooni oven. However, they may lack the thin edge of a metal peel, potentially making it more challenging to retrieve the pizza.

Top 5 Best Pizza Peels for Ooni – An In-Depth Review

When selecting the best pizza peel for your Ooni oven, there are a few factors you need to consider, including the material, design, ease of use, reviews, and price. Here, we have selected and reviewed a few pizza peels that have proven to be optimal for use with Ooni ovens.

#1. “Ooni 12” Pizza Peel – Long Handle Super Smooth Aluminium Pizza Paddle

The “Ooni 12” Pizza Peel has earned its rightful place as a must-have accessory for the Ooni Koda 12 oven and undoubtedly, it is the best pizza peel for the Ooni Koda 12. Crafted with a super smooth aluminium surface, this peel effortlessly eases your pizza right onto your Ooni pizza stone. Its lightweight design ensures easy handling, turning and retrieval of your delicious pizza, enabling you to become the pizza pro you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

But what really sets it apart is its long handle. This feature proves to be invaluable as Ooni pizza ovens can reach staggering temperatures of 500°C. With the “Ooni 12” Pizza Peel’s long handle, you’re kept at a safe distance from the heat, whether you’re casually cooking lunch or hosting a pizza party.

In terms of customer ratings, the “Ooni 12” Pizza Peel is highly praised for its durability, ease of use, and exceptional performance, cementing its position as the ideal partner for your Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven. Invest in an “Ooni 12” Pizza Peel today and transform your pizza-making experience into an easy, enjoyable, and downright delicious endeavor.

#2. Ooni 14” Perforated Pizza Peel

If you’re cooking with an Ooni Koda 16 and seeking the best pizza peel for this particular model, look no further than the Ooni 14” Perforated Pizza Peel. The peel’s construction from lightweight aluminium makes it incredibly easy to handle, even when you’re maneuvering a fully loaded pizza. The long handle is a standout feature – made from glass reinforced nylon, it can comfortably withstand the intense heat of up to 500°C, an attribute that sets it apart from most other pizza peels in the market.

The perforations on the peel prove to be an invaluable design feature, allowing any excess flour to fall away effortlessly, while also facilitating speedy steam evaporation. This ensures that your pizza remains crisp and delicious as it should be. Remember, for optimum results, sprinkle the pizza peel with flour before placing your dough on it. This crucial step will guarantee a smooth launch of your perfect pizza into the Ooni Koda 16 Oven.

From prepping to launching and turning your pizza, the Ooni 14” Perforated Pizza Peel is your trusted companion, proving it to be the best pizza peel for Ooni Koda 16. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner to the pizza-making world, this tool will significantly enhance your culinary experience.

The Ooni 14” Perforated Pizza Peel is more than just a pizza paddle. It’s an essential accessory that takes your pizza cooking experience with the Ooni Koda 16 to a whole new level.

#3. Checkered Chef Pizza Peel

A standout in the metal peel category, the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel boasts a thin and sharp edge, making it ideal for sliding under pizzas in high-heat environments. Its stainless-steel construction guarantees durability, while the foldable design enhances storage convenience. Despite its metal surface, customers have reported minimal sticking issues, significantly aiding in the pizza launching process. Priced at an affordable mid-range, this peel is a worthy investment for any pizza enthusiast.

#4. Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

The Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel is a top pick for those who prefer the classic look and feel of wood. Its surface is naturally non-stick, helping to launch your pizza into the oven with ease. Despite the common notion about wooden peels being hard to clean, many users have praised its easy-to-clean nature. However, it’s on the higher end of the price spectrum, making it a choice for those willing to invest for a premium experience.

#5. Pizza Royale’s Ethically Sourced Bamboo Peel

For those seeking a balance between metal and wood, the Pizza Royale’s Ethically Sourced Bamboo Peel is an excellent choice. This composite peel is easy to clean, durable and has a non-stick feature. While it doesn’t have a thin edge like a metal peel, users report it still manages to slide under pizzas smoothly in the Ooni oven. This peel is in the mid-price range, making it a cost-effective option offering value for money.

Choosing the best pizza peel depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, by considering the criteria mentioned above, you should be able to find a peel that helps you make perfect pizzas in your Ooni oven time after time.

What to Look for in a Pizza Peel?

When looking for the best pizza peel for Ooni, there are a few key features to consider.

Be sturdy

It should be sturdy enough to support the weight of your dough and toppings without bending or breaking. The surface of the peel should also be smooth and non-stick, so that when you slide it under the pizza, nothing sticks to it.

Long handle

Also, look for a pizza peel with a long handle that allows you to keep your hands away from the heat of the oven while sliding and retrieving pizzas.

Size of the peel

Another important factor to consider is the size of the peel. Smaller peels are great for thin-crust pizzas, where you want to slide it quickly under and out of the oven. However, if you’re making a deep dish pizza or a thicker crust pizza, you’ll want to use a larger peel.
This will give you enough room to maneuver the dough and toppings without having to worry about overloading it.

Easy to clean

Finally, make sure that your pizza peel is easy to clean. You don’t want to be scrubbing away at burned cheese and sauce for hours after you’ve finished cooking. Look for a peel with a non-stick or stainless steel surface, so that cleaning is less of a chore.

Pizza peels come in all shapes and sizes, so there are options to fit every need and budget. Spend some time learn what types of materials might work best for your needs, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect peel for your next pizza night. You may even want to invest in a few different styles, so that you can easily switch between thin-crust or deep dish pizzas.

With the right tools, creating delicious homemade pizzas has never been easier!

Tips for Using Your Pizza Peel with Ooni

Using a pizza peel efficiently with your Ooni oven can significantly enhance your pizza-making experience. Here are a few practical tips and tricks to get the most out of your pizza peel:

Preparing Your Peel

Before placing your pizza on the peel, spread a thin layer of flour or cornmeal on its surface. This helps prevent the dough from sticking to the peel, ensuring a smooth transition from the peel to the oven.

Shaking the Peel

Once your pizza is on the peel, give it a few gentle shakes to ensure it moves easily. This practice will help you to avoid any disappointments when it comes time to launch the pizza into your Ooni oven.

Launching the Pizza

When launching the pizza into the oven, aim for the center of the stone. A swift, confident motion works best here. Hesitation or a slow movement might lead to the pizza folding or toppings spilling over.

Rotating the Pizza

Due to Ooni’s intense heat, it’s essential to rotate the pizza for even cooking. After about 30 seconds, use your peel to turn the pizza around. Remember to be swift to prevent the pizza from sticking to the stone.

Retrieving the Pizza

When the pizza is ready, slide the peel under the pizza and lift it out. If using a metal peel, its thin edge will make this task easier.

By incorporating these practical tips into your pizza-making routine, you can leverage the unique features of your Ooni oven, ensuring perfect pizzas every time.


The best pizza peel for Ooni is an essential tool for any pizza enthusiast. It enhances the pizza-making process by ensuring an effortless transition of the pizza into and out of the oven, while minimizing any potential damage to the pizza. It’s all about durability, ease of use and the right size. Making the right choice is crucial to fully enjoy your Ooni oven and deliver a perfectly cooked pizza every time.

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