Best Table for Ooni – The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right table for your Ooni Karu 12, 16 pizza oven can make your cooking experience more convenient and enjoyable. It can provide the necessary height for comfortable use, stability for safe operation, and additional space for food preparation and storage. This guide will highlight the best tables for Ooni Karu 12 or 16, taking into consideration factors such as material, size, functionality, and price.

Whether you’re a casual home cook or a seasoned pizzaiolo, you’ll find a table that suits your needs perfectly. Stay tuned as we dive into the world of Ooni-compatible tables.

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What is the Ooni Pizza Oven?

The Ooni pizza oven is a revolutionary kitchen tool that has transformed the way we create pizza at home.

This compact, portable oven is designed to reach temperatures of up to 932°F (500°C), matching the conditions in a professional pizza oven. This high heat, coupled with Ooni’s smart design, allows you to cook a restaurant-quality pizza in just 60 seconds. Whether you’re using the Ooni Pro, Ooni Koda, or Ooni Karu, each model offers a unique set of features tailored to different pizza-making needs.

This guide will not only help you understand your Ooni pizza oven better but also assist in choosing the best pizza oven table, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable pizza-making experience.

Why the Right Table Matters?

Choosing the correct table for your Ooni pizza oven is more than just a matter of convenience, it can significantly impact your pizza-making process. A suitable table provides stable support for your oven, ensuring it operates safely and efficiently.

It also ensures that your oven is at a comfortable height, reducing the risk of strain during cooking. Furthermore, the right table offers sufficient space for your prep materials and cooked pizzas, allowing for a smoother workflow and better organization.

Lastly, some tables are designed with heat-resistant materials, ensuring the surface underneath your Ooni doesn’t get damaged from the high heat. In essence, investing in the best table for your Ooni is a key step towards achieving a perfect, hassle-free pizza-making experience.

Key Features to Look for in an Ooni Table

When selecting the best Ooni table, several key features should be considered:

  1. Stability – Your Ooni table should provide a stable platform for your pizza oven. This not only ensures safety but also prevents any unwanted movement during operation that could interfere with the cooking process.
  1. Material – The material of the table is an important factor to consider. It should be durable and able to withstand the high heat generated by the Ooni. Stainless steel is typically a good choice due to its heat-resistant and long-lasting properties.
  1. Size and Height – A good table should be large enough to accommodate your Ooni oven and essential accessories. Height is equally important. The table should be at a comfortable level to prevent unnecessary strain when adding and removing pizzas.
  1. Accessory Storage – The best table for an Ooni will also have ample space for storing accessories such as pizza peels, gas tanks, and extra firewood. This not only keeps your work area organized but also ensures everything you need is within easy reach.

Best Ooni Table Reviews

#1. Ooni Modular Table Large Pizza Oven

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor pizza cooking experience, the Ooni Modular Table stands out as the best table for Ooni pizza ovens. Not only does this table lend a professional touch to your cooking environment, but its ample dimensions of 35 x 31 x 31 inches offer plenty of space to accommodate all your pizza-making essentials.

Weighing in at a sturdy 26 kilograms, this stainless steel table ensures stability and durability, guaranteeing countless pizza-baking sessions. Whether you’re a pizza enthusiast or a professional chef, the robust construction of the Ooni Modular Table promises to withstand the test of time.

This multi-functional table has been thoughtfully designed with two adjustable shelves for flexible storage and preparation space. Moreover, it features four lockable castors for easy mobility and added safety, along with built-in hooks for handy storage of your pizza peels and other accessories.

The Ooni Modular Table, with its keen attention to detail, practical features, and an aesthetically pleasing design, is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their Ooni pizza oven set-up. Truly, it is the pinnacle of functionality blended with style, making it the best table for Ooni in the market.

#2. Royal Gourmet PC3401S (Silver) Dining Cart Table

The Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table, PC3401S (Silver), is an exceptional choice for those who thrive in the realm of outdoor cooking and grilling. Measuring 23.2″D x 39.6″W x 31.9″H, this compact yet multifunctional table offers ample workspace. The stainless-steel tabletop provides a hardwearing, easy-to-clean surface, perfect for setting up your portable grill or griddle.

One of its standout features is the left-side tank hook designed to hold a 20-pound gas cylinder, reinforcing its 20-pound carrying capacity. This utility table also houses three multifunctional hooks that grant additional room for all your essential tools, from brushes to scoops – everything is within your reach.

The side handle design of the Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table isn’t just for looks; it offers convenience in transportation and provides an extra spot to hang necessary equipment. Furthermore, the double-shelf construction layout delivers considerable storage space, ensuring that all your grilling essentials are organized and at the ready.

When it comes to the best table for outdoor pizza oven in the market, this product is undeniably a top contender. Its blend of functionality, storage capacity, and convenience makes it an excellent choice for both commercial and home use. The Royal Gourmet Dining Cart Table with Double-Shelf truly elevates the outdoor cooking experience.

#3. NUUK Three-Shelf Rolling Outdoor Pizza Oven Table

As experts in the culinary field, we have come across numerous worktables. However, the NUUK Three-Shelf Heavy Duty Rolling Outdoor Pizza Oven Table is a standout contender, especially for those seeking the best Ooni table. With its dimensions being an ample 24″ x 30″ top table, it offers generous space for most brands of outdoor pizza ovens, including the highly revered Ooni.

Its heavy-duty steel structure ensures that this worktable will serve you well for years. The design incorporates a removable flat top that can be used as a food-grade worktable for outdoor cooking or a portable bar cart. The leg design, made of sturdy steel, guarantees long-lasting durability.

The NUUK table is uniquely designed with easy rolling in mind. The square cart design is supported by robust metal tube legs, providing notable stability. You’ll appreciate the high-quality pull handles and caster wheels that make moving the cart to your preferred location a breeze.

This table offers abundant space with its three-shelf structure – perfect for storing cooking accessories or fuels. The inclusion of a middle drawer makes it even more convenient for the cook who likes to have everything within reach. The drawer features a safety stopper design, making it safe and easy to use.

The Functional accessories design is another highlight. The robust propane tank holder enables you to keep your full 20LBS propane tank mobile with the cart, and the three accessories hooks keep your tools within easy reach.

The NUUK Three-Shelf Heavy Duty Rolling Outdoor Pizza Oven Table is an exceptional option, particularly for those on the hunt for the best Ooni table. Its design and features are clearly thought out and executed with the user’s convenience in mind. This is a table we certainly recommend for any outdoor pizza oven enthusiast.

#4. Hally Stainless Steel Table

The Hally Stainless Steel Table is an expertly crafted, NSF certified, commercial-grade table designed for high-demand environments. With a generous 72 inch by 24 inch work surface, this table is ideal for a multitude of applications, from the home kitchen to the bustling restaurant, to industrial settings like hospitals, schools, and warehouses.

The table boasts a sturdy top shelf with a weight capacity of 500 lbs, providing ample space for appliances such as the Ooni pizza oven. The undershelf, adjustable in height, can comfortably bear up to 380 lbs, providing a convenient storage space for kitchen utensils or any other tools you might need.

Constructed with 18-gauge type 430 stainless steel and featuring a polished surface, this table is not only durable but also offers superior resistance to rust and corrosion. It’s easy to clean, requiring merely a rag or paper for a quick wipe down.

The table is equipped with caster wheels for effortless maneuverability and adjustable feet with non-slip mats for enhanced stability. Assembly is a breeze, thanks to the detailed instructions included with the product.

Hally offers 24/7 customer support and a 30-day refund policy, underscoring their confidence in the product’s quality and their commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re setting up a new commercial kitchen or looking for a reliable workbench for your garage or workshop, the Hally Stainless Steel Table is a highly recommended choice.

#5. Ooni Modular Table Medium

When it comes to outdoor pizza making, efficiency and convenience are key. The Ooni Modular Table Medium excels in both aspects, offering a custom-designed space for your pizza oven and related accessories. Crafted from robust powder-coated carbon steel, the table is both stylish and durable.

One of the table’s standout features is its adjustable shelving. These two height-adjustable shelves are perfect for keeping your ingredients and pizza dough at hand, allowing for a smoother pizza making experience.

The Ooni table is designed with mobility in mind, featuring four lockable castors for easy movement and stability. Added to this is a set of built-in hooks, perfect for hanging your pizza peels and other accessories, keeping your workspace clean and organized.

The Ooni Modular Table Medium also allows for expansion. You can easily join two or more tables together or supplement with other items from the Outdoor Kitchen range, providing a more comprehensive outdoor kitchen experience.

Storage is another strength of this table. All Ooni pizza oven models fit seamlessly on its stainless steel work surface, and the lower shelf provides a tidy space for your propane tank.

The Ooni Modular Table Medium is a game-changer for all outdoor pizza enthusiasts. It provides a much-needed organizational space for your Ooni pizza oven and accessories, ensuring that your pizza making is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

#6. AmGood Stainless-Steel Work Table with 2 Shelves

The AmGood Stainless Steel Work Table stands out as an excellent companion for your Ooni pizza oven. Its robust, clean, and simplified structure undoubtedly make it one of the best tables for any cooking enthusiast. As an NSF certified product, the table assures a high standard of public health safety, a feature that’s crucial for any food preparation surface.

The table’s 18-gauge stainless steel construction ensures durability, providing a sturdy platform for your pizza oven. The galvanized under-shelf serves as a convenient storage space for baking essentials, while the adjustable legs lend flexibility in setting it up to your preferred height.

Notably, it extends beyond the kitchen, doubling as a garage workbench or an outdoor work table. Whether you are planning a pizza party in your backyard or kneading dough for your next masterpiece, this multi-purpose table is a reliable choice.

Don’t overlook the stress-free assembly; even the least DIY-inclined can put it together effortlessly. A testament to AmGood’s commitment to simplicity without sacrificing quality.

Whether you’re an artisan pizza maker or a home cook, the AmGood Stainless Steel Work Table is a valuable addition to your kitchen setup. Its versatile, durable, and sanitary design indeed makes it the best table for your Ooni pizza oven.

#7. Inkmin Outdoor Movable Pizza Oven Table Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

When it comes to the best table for Ooni Karu 16, the Inkmin Outdoor Dining Cart stands out as an exceptional choice. It offers a range of outstanding features that align perfectly with the needs of outdoor pizza oven enthusiasts.

The emphasis on versatility is immediately apparent. Whether you are preparing party snacks, handling sauces in your kitchen, or setting up your portable grill or griddle outdoors, this table can adapt to your needs. Its size (22″D x 34.7″W x 29.5″H) makes it a perfect companion for the Ooni Karu 16, providing ample space for food prep and cooking tools.

The double-shelf construction and foldable tabletop design demonstrate thoughtful functionality, offering plenty of storage and saving space when not in use. Its wheel-based design makes it easy to move about, and the practical tool design, with five multifunctional hooks, further bolsters its utility.

Assembly is straightforward and time-saving, thanks to detailed instructions included in the package. Plus, the prompt and professional customer service is a bonus, ready to assist you if you run into any questions or issues.

Overall, the Inkmin Outdoor Dining Cart is a splendid mix of convenience, flexibility, and practicality. It is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor pizza prep tables for the Ooni Karu 16.

How to Choose the Right Table for Your Ooni?

Selecting the perfect companion for your Ooni pizza oven should be a straightforward task if you keep three crucial factors in mind: the model of your Ooni oven, the available space, and your budget.


Every Ooni model has a unique size and weight, meaning some tables might not be suitable for certain models. Always cross-check the dimensions of your Ooni with the specifications of the table before making a purchase.


Consider the space where you plan to place the table. It should be large enough to accommodate the table and the oven, with space left for you to move around comfortably. A congested space can limit your pizza-making experience, so always go for a size that fits your space.


Lastly, your budget plays a significant role in your decision. Tables for Ooni come in a range of prices, some with additional features like shelves and hooks for utensils. Prioritize your needs over wants, and select a table that offers the best value for your money.

Remember, the best table for ooni pizza oven is one that complements your oven, fits your space, and falls within your budget. Happy pizza making!

How To Set Up Ooni Modular Tables?


The choice of the best table for your Ooni can truly enhance your pizza-making experience. The perfect table provides the right work height, stability, and heat resistance. It’s not just about having a place to set your Ooni, but about improving your efficiency and the overall experience. As an expert in this area, I strongly recommend investing in a table designed specifically for the Ooni, as the benefits clearly outweigh the cost.

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