An Air Fryer Not Heating Up: Power XL, Chefman, Nuwave, Ninja, Farberware, Instant Vortex… Reasons and How to Fix Them

When it comes to cooking appliances, air fryers have become increasingly popular due to their ability to produce crispy, delicious food without the added fats and calories of traditional frying methods. However, when your air fryer fails to heat up, it can be incredibly frustrating and can leave you with undercooked or even raw food.

There are several reasons why an air fryer may not be heating up, including faulty heating elements, broken thermostats, or electrical issues. As an expert in cooking appliances, it’s important to understand the underlying causes of these issues in order to effectively troubleshoot and repair your air fryer.

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is an appliance that lets you cook with little to no oil. It has many benefits, including crisp up French fries or crispy chicken without the need for greasy frying.

The term “air” in this instance does not refer so much to its function. As it’s essentially just another convection oven-but instead, what makes these appliances unique: they use hot air instead of oil when cooking at high temperatures (500 degrees Fahrenheit).

The air fryer has been a popular kitchen appliance for years. Nearly 40% of U.S homes have one, as reported by market research firm NPD Group in July 2020! 

There are so many different things you can make with your gadget, including homemade french fries or roasted veggies, that would otherwise be impossible without deep frying, which saves time and money too when cooking dinner at home is challenging enough already these days.

Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Why is my Air Fryer Not Heating Up? Reasons and How to Fix

There are many reasons why your air fryer might not be heating up. Let’s see top 5 the reason below:

Why is the air fryer not heating up?

  1. Power cable: This is one of the main reasons you may experience an air fryer heating issue. The power cable can become damaged with normal wear and tear, so it’s essential to check for any breaks or cracks in this area before continuing with cooking sessions! 

Of course, you could use a multimeter if your machine has continuity settings. Still, there are also testers explicitly made just for testing supplies – which works much faster than checking voltage at each terminal individually by hand (and saves time).

2. Setting your manual temperature: The vast majority of air fryers come with a preset setting that you can find on the control panel. However, if this wasn’t done or forgotten for some reason, then there will be no heating up automatically, so we recommend checking before using!

3. Time setting: The best way to prevent your food from burning is by setting the cooking time. Even if you forget, our air fryer will not turn on until it’s needed so that no fire starts and also preserves quality for shorter cook times than usual.

4. Heating element: It’s possible that your heating element is not getting power. If this is the case, you need to contact an electrician or get it serviced at a brand store!

5. Opening air fryer door: If you don’t properly close the door or space in your air fryer, then it may not work.

If there is too much food inside when using an appliance like this one and something happens to prevent proper ventilation (like a lack of room), heat circulation will be compromised, which could cause the product not to start up at all!

How to Fix Them if The Air Fryer Not Heating Up?

1. Check the Outlet to Your Air Fryer: 

It’s possible that your air fryer just isn’t plugged into the outlet. When dealing with a device that won’t turn on, heat up, or start working, take an inventory of where you are using it at home, so there aren’t any power fluctuations. This may be all it takes for things to work out! 

The best way is by starting outside-in and looking inwards while also making sure everything else has been checked before moving onto other steps.

When you’re working with a device that can be used on the counter for long periods, it may get knocked out of place or unplugged by someone cleaning. That’s why always make sure your air fryer is plugged in when not using and keep an eye on its temperature too!

Besides, There was a fuse blow that might be another reason. Though this isn’t usually an issue with air fryers, it could happen due to too many devices plugged into one outlet and causing overloads on circuit breakers in your area.

Breakers can flip when multiple devices like microwaves, toaster ovens, and other appliances are plugged into a single outlet. This overloads the electrical system connected to that outlet, which then shuts off due to overheating or something worse happening before replacing fuses. 

To test whether or not your fuse has blown, try plugging in another appliance you are sure works if it doesn’t turn on – there’s probably some issue with yours!

If you find a power surge in your home, make sure to unplug some of the devices from an overloaded outlet. But, of course, the best thing for this situation would be if it’s not too late and before anything else happens, switch back on after!

2. Check Your Air Fryer Power Cord

If you’re trying to figure out why your air fryer isn’t working correctly, but the outlet is acceptable, and there are no signs of power-related damage on either end of it all. 

Then take a look at whether or not there are any signs of wear and tear on power cords. This could indicate that they have been damaged without being noticed by either party involved – which means both yourself and those around you who use this device!

This problem is a common issue for people when they’re using household appliances. They may assume that because the appliance with a low-quality power cord can’t be used for too long before breaking down or wearing out prematurely like most cheap wiring in homes does over time, which means you’ll need to replace your fryer. Sooner rather than later as well!

Thirdly, your air fryer’s power cord might be damaged if you have mice or pets. If it has been left out in an area with no boxes around, this could be the case and thus preventing them from being able to heat up properly!

Air fryers are a convenient and quick way to make healthy food, but they also come with some risks. Power cords for these appliances need special care as their imperfections can cause electrical failure that could start fires in your house–so take time out now and then to check on those fried tendrils!

To avoid any problems with your air fryer, you must make sure the cord and connection between them are secure. 

For example, suppose either end of the cords is loose or disconnected from anything else in its environment (like their socket). There can be issues when using this appliance because they won’t want to stay attached if something causes too much movement along with these connections.

3. Check the Temperature of Your Air Fryer

Now that you’ve determined it’s not the outlet, nor is the power cord causing your problems with heating and cooling, start by looking at what settings are affecting how these devices operate.

Next, you need to take a look at the temperature setting. Air fryers come with different options, and some have more straightforward dials, while others use buttons for entering in their preferred level of heat. Make sure that your appliance is set up correctly before cooking anything to dry out food or overcook it!

If you’re working with a digital temperature setting, make sure that the one on your dial is set to an appropriate level.You want your food and fries done to perfection, so use higher temperatures than those found on lower-setting air fryers; follow recipes as well for best results!

Air frying at high temperatures is the key to getting that crispiness. Check your oven temperature before you turn on your air fryer, and then reduce it if necessary so that both cook evenly for optimum results!

4. Check the Air Fryer’s Timer

After determining that the air fryer’s issue isn’t actually with temperature setting, it’s time to look at another menu option – your timer. Sometimes these devices won’t start up unless you pick a specific time from their menus; this is done for safety purposes but can also be frustrating when someone wants to do what they came here for!

Like many home appliances, your air fryer will come with various settings depending on the brand and model. Some have an old-fashioned dial that clicks as it turns, while others use digital buttons for timing purposes; however, all models can be set using either type!

To ensure your air fryer is heating up, you can set a time for it. This will help avoid any issues when cooking lunch and ensure your safety yourself as well!

5. Check the Air Fryer Door

Once you’ve taken a look at the other external features of your air fryer as well as its power cord and outlet connection, then it’s time to take inventory to see why my air fryer is not heating up. 

One primary reason is if it does not have a snugly fitting lid or door. This can prevent heat from escaping and lowering the temperature inside by mixing with the calm ambient kitchen atmosphere rather than hot exhaust fumes like those found in most ovens.

The key to staying safe when using your air fryer is paying attention and making sure the unit’s Lid stays securely on. If you leave either door open or any gap in between them at all, then don’t worry! 

The first type will not get hot enough for anything but won’t start until something else starts pushing heat (water boiling). At the same time, other models have this feature which keeps their temperature stable even without being directly heated by an element inside.

Use caution when cooking with an air fryer. Make sure to close the door or Lid tightly so that no heat escapes and your food will be crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle!

6. Check the Amount of Food in the Air Fryer

Air fryers use some fantastic technology to heat up and crisp your food without all the oil of using a deep-fryer. They’re excellent for people watching their waistline or want to get fit, but they can also be tricky if not used correctly! 

Make sure you organize it properly to avoid overloading them so that its distribution is well distributed throughout this cooking appliance.

An air fryer is a perfect appliance for cooking with hot and crispy results, but it requires good circulation of the heating system’s heated airstream.

The best way to use your air fryer is with just the right amount of food. Overloading it will result in undercooked or burned items, so make sure you don’t do that!

It could be that your air fryer is not heating up because you are overloading it. Make sure to follow the instructions for food sizes, amounts, and how many times per day or week they should be used- if at all!

7. Check the Air Fryer Heating Element

It can be majorly frustrating when you do all sorts of diagnostics and testing on your air fryer, but sometimes there’s dinner to put on the table! Once again, though (and this might sound like a broken record), make sure none of these other issues have happened before examining its heating element.

The heating element is the most critical component of your air fryer because it creates high heat to cook and fry foods. It’s also where you’ll find any safety features or other vital mechanisms for operation, so take care when poking around inside without knowing what exactly to look at first!

If nothing else works, after going through all of these tests, you should call customer service for your brand-name air fryer. When speaking with them, they know about any problems or issues we discussed in this article to be solved faster!

8. Check the Lid

If that doesn’t work, then check the Lid of your air fryer. It may seem too simple, but if you’re not connecting it correctly, this could prevent heating up successfully and affecting performance!

As well as checking the Lid, we recommend you check for safety features. Different air fryers will require different steps to be used safely and adequately–so make sure yours has all of these first!

One common safety feature that many air fryers include these days is that the fryer cannot turn on unless it’s locked. Some other models may also incorporate a locking mechanism to prevent accidents while you’re cooking with them!

9. Check the Basket

If you can determine that the electric connection is not at fault, it’s time to check out your air fryer! For example, an overfilled basket might be preventing proper circulation.

Filling the basket with ingredients maybe prevent the air fryer from being able to function correctly. You may not be aware of how it works. 

Still, an essential part of cooking food in this appliance is through proper ventilation and circulation, where hot air goes out while fantastic fresh bubbles come back into play, so you don’t end up burning yourself on any exposed parts!

Make sure you are cooking food in an even layer, and never fill up your Basket.

How to Fix an air fryer not getting hot by video?

Air Fryer not working, Can we Fix it

Power Air Fryer Fan Not Working

If your power air fryer fan is not working, the probable causes are- it might not be closed properly, or there’s no electricity supply. To solve these problems, follow the steps below:

  • Closed-door: The power air fryers have a switch below the drawer which is pushed down when closed. This button turns on so that no accidents from opening it too soon and the stovetop is not working correctly! Make sure you check if everything’s in order, then click for sound feedback after closing your doors tightly.
  • The fan is not getting a power supply: If you can set the proper cooking time function, and if your fan isn’t rotating, there could be a power supply issue. A technician will help diagnose this for sure, so we recommend looking into getting repairs done right away!

My Air Fryer Still Won’t Heat Up.

It sounds like your air fryer is not heating up! At this stage, if you’ve followed the troubleshooting methods above and it still doesn’t work, there may be a fault with one of them.

You should check two things below:

  • Air fryer warranty: If it is still in the warranty period, you should contact the warranty center and manufacturer to get some replacement. If it is expired, you might contact the manufacturer and explain the problem; you might have to charge for repairs. 
  • Are there any item recalls for air fryers: If there is a product recall for your fryer, you can return it for replacement or refund. 

How to Care for an Air Fryer 

There are several ways to care for and clean your air fryer:

  • Do not delay cleaning; you should clean it every time after using. 
  • Clean the removable components with soapy and warm water: Use the soft cloth; if food gets stuck in any parts, soak them in warm water and soap to loosen it and clean it easily. 
  • Use the toothpick for poking out food stocking in the grate or Basket. Don’t forget to dry it separately.
  • Clean the inside part of the air fryer with a damp cloth soaked in the warm soapy water 
  • Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and then dry it well. 

FAQs about air fryer not getting hot

1: How to fix my air fryer that is not heating?

  • Ensure that it is plugged in 
  • Checking properly the power cord 
  • Confirm the temperature setting 
  • Make sure the engaged timer 
  • Ensure to seal well the door 
  • Make sure not to cook too much food 
  • Check the heating element 

It is how you can repair it if your air fryer not getting hot.

2: How to fix an air fryer fan?

The first thing you should do is turn off the air fryer and slide your butte knife into where it’s gaps. Flip that switch over to “On” with a quick plunge of our chef’s knives, plugging them back in for good measure before turning up their heat!

3: Is air-fried food healthy?

Air fried food is healthier than deep fried because air fryer uses less oil.

4: Is it worth getting an air fryer?

An air fryer is a popular kitchen tool that has come down in price over the last few years. You can find models for less than $200, but if you are looking to buy one mainly, so your food tastes better and doesn’t stick too much when frying it at home, then springing forward might not be worth it as other appliances will do just fine with what you need them for.

5: Can the air fryer be repaired?

Yes, you can. If your air fryer is out of warranty and you contact the manufacturer, they may charge a fee to fix it. If that’s the case, buying another one will likely be more affordable than paying for repairs!


An air fryer not heating up can be frustrating for any home cook. The issue could be caused by a variety of factors such as faulty heating elements, malfunctioning thermostats, and blocked air vents. It is important to troubleshoot the problem by checking if the air fryer is properly plugged in, ensuring that the temperature settings are correct and cleaning the air vents.

If these solutions do not work, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer for assistance or consider getting a replacement part. To avoid future issues, it is recommended to regularly clean and maintain the air fryer. As an expert, I advise users to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the appliance.

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