Are we part of a wine bar movement?

Are we part of a wine bar movement?
Are we part of a wine bar movement?
Are we part of a wine bar movement?

How should a wine bar be? We ask ourselves this question daily. American wine bars of old were stuffy and predictable, lousy with cab, merlot, and chardonnay. They were a reflection of wine culture at the time. Comparatively few people drank wine regularly, and those that did were either wholly indifferent to its quality, or enthralled by demigod experts, unattainable vintages, and all things grand cru.

We dreamed up Tannat from scratch, without reference to any obvious trends. We simply wanted to create a sincere place, where the food and wine were honest, but playful and surprising, where everyone was welcome to experience something new.

Anna Roth at Eater recently wrote an article How Chefs Are Making Wine Bars Happen in America.  It turns out that while we don’t have the pedigree of many of the chefs and somms mentioned, nor do we have a Parisian awakening at some shangrila of raw wine culture, we accidentally fell in line with a movement that seeks not only to reinvent wine bars, but to change American wine culture for the better.

“When you’re at a pintxos bar in Barcelona or cave a manger in Paris or really fun bars in London, they strip away all the convention and you get this richer experience because of it,” says Verjus managing partner Matt Cirne. He sees these wine bars as analogous to the pubs of his British youth, where you’d stop by for a drink and not know who you’d run into or meet, or how long you’d be there. “I don’t think America has the cultural equivalent.”

We’ve seen so many of you respond to us in precisely this open-ended way, and we look forward to growing into a new kind of American “third place.”

Stop by tonight for some precise yet open-hearted jazz from guitarist Steve Lacey.

Are we part of a wine bar movement?
Are we part of a wine bar movement?

We are two weekends into our new brunch service. Every Saturday and Sunday from 11-3, we’re dishing out frittatas, savory flan, ludicrously delicious local sausage, seared heirloom tomatoes, our house-cured salmon, and specially priced bottles of ‘breakfast wine.”

Come check out this awesome biodynamic wine from Austria!  It is a mix of Gelber and Roter Traminer. Traminer, aka Savagnin, has a very unstable genome and mutates easily, but we’re not scared of variety in our wines! This Burgenland white is elegant and full bodied, with lemon and a crabapple bite rounded out by a perfect amount of residual sugar, enough to balance the acidity without adding any sweetness. This straw colored chilled wine is just the way to end your day (or start it!).

You have to meet our friend Seung! She’s taking over Tannat on July 29th with Korean-inspired dishes composed with Hudson Valley ingredients… and we’re pairing them all with natural wines! Tickets are still on sale! Click here to learn more.

Join us on July 15th at 4pm for our monthly Razor Blade Reading series. Sunday’s readers are Ben Purkert, Eugenia Leigh, and Gnaomi Siemens! Learn more here. And then starting at 6pm, Mariposa Tarot will be here giving readings on a donation basis. Your whole life could change this Sunday!

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