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A retro toaster can be an excellent addition to any kitchen decor. With their classic and vintage designs, they evoke a sense of nostalgia and bring back memories of a simpler time. But finding the best retro toaster can be a challenging task. There are several features to consider, including the size, color, and functionality. The market is flooded with options, and sorting through them can be overwhelming.

That’s why it takes an expert eye to identify the top-performing models that stand out from the rest. In this article, we’ll explore the best vintage toasters available on the market, providing in-depth analysis, and expert insights.

Best Retro Toaster

What is a retro toaster?

A retro toaster is a kitchen appliance that modernizes an older style of toaster, usually the pop-up type. Retro toasters are generally compact appliances with one or two slots for bread and can toast up to four slices at once. Many models include an adjustable knob for how brown the bread will be when it pops up. A cancel button stops the cycle mid-way if you get distracted by something.

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Reviews of The Best Retro Toaster in 2023

Here are top rated vintage toaster to buy

Top 1. KEEMO Retro Small Toaster with Bagel, Toaster 2 Slice

Best Retro Toaster
Retro Small Toaster with Bagel

Unlike any other toaster on our list, the Keemo vintage toaster is distinguished by its distinctive and attractive appearance, the most retro-inspired of any toaster on this list.

Despite its antique appearance, this toaster still produces excellent results. Given that it has two tremendously broad slots, it operates admirably and can easily accommodate slices of bagel, croissant, and bread.

The browning feature also has six distinct degrees of intensity, and the quality of browning is so high that you can taste the difference between the levels. All in your family will be happy since they will get their chosen toast thanks to the variety of browning levels available. This toaster is exceedingly simple to clean, as well as simple to use.

The body is constructed of stainless steel, characteristic not only makes it strong, but it also makes it long-lasting. And the cable of the toaster may also be put in the cord slot, which is located on the side of the toaster. Each bread slice will also be uniformly toasted, ensuring that every slice has the same flavor. Now you are clear why it is considered the best retro toaster today and the first product in our article

Review from buyer


  • Affordable
  • Excellent retro-style
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cord storage under the toaster


  • Lacking some extra features

Top 2. BLACK+DECKER TR1278RM Red 2 Slice Toaster, Red

Best Retro Toaster
BLACK+DECKER TR1278RM Retro Toaster

The Black & Decker TR1278RM 2-Slice Toaster has a fantastic design that is especially suited to people who want to get their breakfast on the table in a short amount of time. The red hue of the toaster is attractive and provides the toaster a striking appearance.

The brushed stainless steel Black + Decker 2-Slice Toaster demonstrates that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to have the best vintage toaster like this.

The TR1278RM 2-slice toaster is equipped with seven different toast shades, allowing you to toast your bread to your desired shade. It is also simple to operate and clean. Because this model can toast English muffins, large pieces of bread, and bagels, it is ideal for people who eat bread for breakfast regularly.

The inexpensive cost and compact countertop footprint make it an excellent choice for kitchens, dorm rooms with limited counter space, and anybody on a tight budget. It is available in two colors: red and black.


  • Perfect design and ideal for handcrafted bread
  • The good price.
  • Great dimensions 
  • Toasting your bread effectively.
  • Quite awesome quality


  • The short power cord

Top 3. Smeg TSF01PGUS Retro 2 Slice Toaster

Best Retro Toaster
Smeg TSF01PGUS Retro 2 Slice Toaster

The Smeg TSF01PGUS Toaster is a two-slice toaster that has modern toasting technology as well as retro-inspired styling. The toaster is available in various colors to match the rest of your home’s interior design scheme.

The toaster has been considered the best vintage toaster when it comes to toasting bagels, but it can also toast any slices nicely when using the slow settings. Because of its wider and larger holes it can readily handle slices of varying thicknesses while toasting them on the grill.

The toaster also has a detachable crumb tray, which catches all of the bread crumbs produced during the toasting process, preventing a mess on the kitchen counter. Because it is detachable, you may effortlessly remove it to dispose of the crumbs accumulated in the tray.

Aside from that, the lowest settings are used for the lightest hues of the slices, while the maximum settings are used for the darkest shades of the slices, which are quite dark. The placement of the slices into the slots is especially impressive, as it automatically adjusts the position of the slices for equal toasting.

Reviews from buyer


  • Well-known brand
  • Crumb tray
  • Different colorful option
  • Various browning levels
  • Racks


  • Expensive
  • Only basic features

Top 4. Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Improved Retro 2 Slice Toaster Perfect For Bread

Best Retro Toaster
Retro Wide 2 Slice Toaster Perfect For Bread

Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro 2-Slice Bagel Toaster is well renowned for its capacity to provide bagels that are crispy on the exterior but soft and warm on the inside.

First and foremost, this toaster is equipped with five distinct browning degrees, designed to meet the toasting requirements of everyone in your home. And, unlike the other toasters, every toasting setting in this gadget produces a distinctly different amount of shading on the bread.

Another thing to mention is the slide-out crumb tray, which makes cleaning the appliance a breeze. It is the one that will gather all of the dirt and debris that will fall off of your bread slices as you are eating them. When you need to clean it fast, pull it out of the oven and wipe it down with a clean towel before putting it back in and continuing your toasting process.

This device is also surprisingly powerful for its size, producing 900 watts of power, ensuring that your slices of bread are flawlessly toasted in less than five minutes after being inserted.

In addition, for individuals who enjoy experimenting with different bread meals for breakfast, the Nostalgia RTOS200QA Retro 2-Slice Bagel Toaster is a great option. Discussing the three primary toasting modes offered is also essential: bagel, cancel and thaw. This gadget can produce croissants, artisan bread slices, bagel halves, and even English muffins, thanks to the extra-lengthy and wide slots that it comes with.


  • Powerful
  • Good quality toasting
  • Slide-out crumb tray and effortless to clean
  • Dishwasher safe crumb tray
  • Fantastic functionality and excellent style
  • Cord storage under the unit


  • Requiring extra costs for warranty 

Top 5. Russell Hobbs TR9150CRR Retro Style 2 Slice Toaster

Best Retro Toaster
Russell Hobbs TR9150CRR

Any toasters review would be incomplete if it did not contain a device from the Russell Hobbs company. It is possible to get the Russell Hobbs TR9150CRR Vintage Style Toaster in various 50s retro color options.

It measures 7.9 inches in height and includes an oven-safe warming rack for buns and pastries when fully assembled. The toaster also has a lift and look lever, which allows you to check on the toasting progress without turning off the heat.

Other features that it has in common with most of the toasters on our list include six browning settings, removable crumb tray, defrost, and bagel functions.

Aside from the toasting rack, another standout feature is the retro-styled toasting timer, which indicates how long it will take to produce the toast at the desired browning level based on the selected browning setting. The chrome air grill accent on the top of the unit is one of our favorites.


  • Great price
  • Makes muffins, bagels, toast, and more
  • Including many extra functions
  • Cons
  • No warranty

Top 6. Revolution InstaGLO® R180, 2 Slice Toaster

Best Retro Toaster
Revolution InstaGLO® R180 2-Slice Toaster

Revolution InstaGLO® R180 toaster, made of stainless steel, heats up to 35 percent quicker than the ordinary toaster while retaining 30 percent more water than the usual toaster.

For anything from English muffins to pop-tarts, the toaster has more than 60 distinct smart settings that automatically adjust to the kind of toast being made.

Only two slices are toasted at a time, but if the aim is to have a thoroughly toasted item, the advanced cooking procedure is well worth the time it takes to complete the task. The characteristic touch screen, which has a built-in countdown clock, and the chime indication, which sounds when the meal is done, are significant features.


  • High Technology, touch screen for convenient
  • Heating fast
  • Removable Crumb Tray
  • Multiple settings


  • Expensive
  • Not thawing completely
  • Too small slots 

Top 7. REDMOND ST028 2 Slice Toaster Retro Steel Toaster

Best Retro Toaster
REDMOND ST028 2 Slice Toaster

With 6 distinct roasting settings, the REDMOND 2 Slice Toaster allows the user to select from a range of lower to higher roasting temperatures and a time duration ranging from 70 seconds to 220 seconds. In this way, you may customize the machine to meet your requirements and enjoy the flavor that suits you.

It has three user-friendly features that distinguish it from the competition: cancel, defrost, and bagel. To have the bagels baked, press the bagel button on your keyboard. Press defrosts to thaw your frozen loaf of bread quickly. And you may cancel the toasting with a single click by pressing cancel. Users are more likely to purchase it if it has these three valuable characteristics.

In addition, this unit boasts a safe 18/8 stainless steel shell that contains no BPA and is non-poisonous, making it both safe and healthful to operate. It is long-lasting, simple to clean, and equipped with an anti-overheat  and anti-rust casing. It also performs well. It’s simple to use and maintain.

All that is necessary is to plug the appliance into a wall outlet, place the bread inside, and fairly press the lever to determine the essential baking time. Within several minutes, the toast will be ready to be served.

Aside from the outstanding features above, this toaster is also ETL certified. All of them make this toaster worth being the best vintage toaster on the market.


  • Multiple-toast settings
  • Aesthetic design
  • Collect cords easily
  • ETL certified
  • Removable pallets


  • Little durable

Top 8. Haden HERITAGE 4-Slice, Wide Slot Retro Toaster

Best Retro Toaster
4-Slice Wide Slot Retro Toaster

Cooking up to four slices of bread once in the Haden HERITAGE 4-Slice Toaster is made possible by self-centering racks and wide slots.

Two crumb trays are easily removed for quick and straightforward cleanup. Make any adjustments to the browning parameters to get your desired toast hue. The 32-inch cord may be conveniently stored at the bottom of the appliance. The toaster is aesthetically pleasing and of high quality, yet at a lower price than other leading brands.

Its 1500 watts of power make the Heritage toaster exceptionally effective at speedily toasting bread while avoiding the risk of burning the bread. Not only is it possible to toast bread, but you can also toast bagels and muffins.

Besides, it also has an adjustable browning control function and indication lights. The three pre-set settings: defrost, bagel, and cancel, ensure that the proper toast is produced regardless of whether the food is frozen or fresh. 


  • Funny style
  • Easy operation
  • Featuring cord storage and long cord
  • Powerful capacity


  • Not found

Top 9. Dash Extra Wide Slot Stainless Steel Toaster

Best Retro Toaster
 Extra Wide Slot Toaster with Stainless Steel

A total of 7 browning stages are available. The clear view glass allows you to get the perfect toast with every usage without having to take your toast out to see if it’s done; in addition, the auto-shut-off feature avoids overheating.

This 2-slice toaster also includes one long slot instead of two short ones, which allows it to fit two slices of bread side by side and a single long piece of bread comfortably. It is simple to clean, thanks to the retractable crumb tray. It is available in four different color options.

Furthermore, the one-touch controls for bagel, reheat, and defrost function let you customize your morning breakfast. Making waffles, specialty bread, bagel, and different baked items in the extra-large slot is convenient and straightforward.

This best retro toaster ​would make a new home present or a wonderful wedding. Its compact size means it needs little room to store, and its fashionable color selections and sleek design will complement any kitchen decoration.


  • Extra-long slot
  • Easy to view toast through the glass window
  • Perfect gift
  • Versatile functions


  • Browsing settings give similar results 

Top 10. Keenstone Toaster 2 Slice Steel Retro Toaster with Timer

Best Retro Toaster
Keenstone Stainless Steel Retro Toaster with Timer

Many people are drawn to this 4-slice toaster because of its attractive, space-saving design. It not only enhances the aesthetics of the kitchen but also saves time and effort. The simple-to-use toaster is ideal for households with many members and hectic schedules.

Because of the low price, you will be able to obtain a fantastic bargain on a beautiful retro-style toaster.

Each of the toaster’s four slots measures 1.5 inches in diameter. They can readily accommodate bagels as well as bigger, thick-sliced bread such as sourdough and rye. Each slot has its timer that operates independently of the others, allowing you to produce four distinct colors of toast all at once if you like. It’s a fantastic option for families and couples.

The easily visible LED timer indicates how much time is remaining on the toast until it is completed cooking. With this smart display, you can keep an eye on your toast and prevent it from burning. Because this toaster has four easily detachable crumb slots, you can effortlessly clean up any mess that may have accumulated in seconds. As an added plus, the crumb trays are dishwasher safe!

Even though Keenstone is a lesser-known brand, the quality of this product far exceeds expectations. Users adore the long-lasting durability that it adds to their kitchens, and they recommend it to others. This may be the only toaster you ever need to buy!


  • LED display for using easily
  • Extra Wide Slots
  • Independent settings for each slot
  • Affordably priced
  • Timer built in this toaster 


  • Lesser-known brand

Buying Guide: The Best Retro Toaster for 2023

If you are planning to purchase retro toaster, there are several factors that you should consider. The retro toasters come in many brands and models. Hence, it is important for you to decide on the type of retro toaster that will best suit your needs before making any purchases.

Here are some of the factors that should guide your decision-making process when buying the best vintage toaster:

Retro style

A retro style is one of the most important aspects to look out for when buying retro toasters. This can be determined by looking at their color, design or even their function. For example, if you want a retro theme in your kitchen then retro orange might be an ideal choice. If so, this will also determine which brand retro toaster you should purchase.

Durability and life expectancy

How long a retro toaster can last is another important factor that you need consider when buying retro toasters. This means how durable retro toasters are, the expected lifespan of retro toasters, and if replacement parts can be easily found in case something breaks down.

Also, check for the warranty period of retro toaster. If it comes with a warranty, this will make sure that your retro toaster is covered in case there are problems or issues which develop over time.

In addition, it also gives you peace of mind knowing that once the warranty expires, any retro toaster repairs will not cost much money after that point on since they will still be covered by the manufacturer.


The power of retro toasters are determined by the wattage. The higher the wattage, the faster retro toaster can cook food. Hence, choose retro toasters that have at least 1200 watts for faster cooking time. Reto toasters with more than 2000 watts are even better since they will cook your food quickly.


Another factor that you need consider when buying the best vintage toaster is its price tag. This is important in ensuring that you get what you pay for without overspending on things that may not be worth spending money on such as purchasing a retro toaster which has many additional features but does not add value in terms of overall quality and performance.

Size of retro toaster ovens

The size of retro toaster ovens should also guide your decision in purchasing retro toasters. You need to consider the size of retro toaster in terms of its interior and exterior dimensions since these factors affect how much you can fit inside retro toasters when cooking specific types of meals or dishes.

For example, if you like to cook several pieces of French fries then smaller retro toasters with small interior capacity might be an appropriate choice for your needs.

Design and style

Make sure that retro toaster you purchase has an appealing design. If retro toaster is meant for display purposes only, then style should be the primary factor to consider when buying retro toasters. However, if retro toaster will be used frequently in your kitchen, make sure that retro toaster matches well with all other appliances or utensils in your kitchen countertop.

Safety features retro toaster should have

Retro toasters are typically composed of small parts which can present safety hazards if handled incorrectly. Hence, retro toaster ovens should come with enough safety features that will effectively prevent accidents occurring while using retro toasters.

For example, retro toaster ovens should be equipped with auto shut-off function for added safety. Also pay attention retro toaster’s handle design. Since retro toaster ovens produce high heat, you also need retro toaster ovens which has stay-cool handles so users do not get burned when opening or closing them after cooking several dishes or foods inside retro toasters.

There are many other useful safety features that retro toasters can have such as cool touch exterior body designed for additional safety. retro toasters with these additional safety features are generally worth the higher prices.


After extensive research and careful consideration, it is clear that the best retro toaster currently available on the market is the Smeg TSF01PGUS. This toaster not only boasts a charming retro design that will add a touch of nostalgia to any kitchen, but it also delivers exceptional toasting performance. It features six adjustable browning levels, extra-wide slots, and a self-centering rack that ensures even toasting every time.

Additionally, the Smeg TSF01CRUS is constructed with high-quality materials and is incredibly durable, making it a worthwhile investment for any household. Overall, this toaster stands out as the clear winner in terms of both style and functionality.

Best Single Slot Toasters: Perfect for small spaces. High-quality elements for perfectly toasted bread. Expert-approved.

Made in USA Toaster Oven: Best For Your Kitchen

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