Made in USA Waffle Maker: Top 7 Products for You

As the demand for locally-made products continues to rise, the “Made in USA” label has become a symbol of quality and reliability. When it comes to kitchen appliances, the Made in USA stamp is particularly sought after, as it represents robust craftsmanship, durability, and efficiency. Waffle makers are no exception to this rule.

In fact, the American-made waffle makers have gained a reputation for producing the perfect waffle time after time. Designed with precision and care, these appliances are often made with top-quality materials and feature smart, user-friendly features that make breakfast-making a breeze.

In this article, we’ll explore why Made in USA waffle makers are worth the investment and which brands you should consider.

made in usa waffle maker

Are waffle makers worth it?

How important is quality? What factors should be considered in your made in usa waffle maker reviews?

Waffle makers can be an extremely convenient appliance to have. It’s much faster than making pancakes for a small family, and you don’t have to sit around waiting until the nice brown color forms on both sides.

You just press a button or two, and when the light comes on signaling that they are done, it’s time to flip them over! Of course, you’d need to wait until the hot-off-the-stove pancakes are cool enough to eat not so with waffles. Just dig right in while they’re still steaming!

If you wonder if a waffle maker is worth buying, consider how many times you have to buy your waffles outside. This will tell you how much you can save by purchasing a mini or medium waffle maker.

Read more to discover the list of best waffle maker made in usa…

Top 7 Best Waffle Maker Made in USA

Here are top rated Waffle Maker to buy in 2021

Top 1 – Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Best Waffle Maker Reviews America's Test Kitchen
WAF-F20P1 Stainless Steel Waffle Iron

Let’s start with the worth-the-hype Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian waffle maker that comes with many functionalities to make you the best waffle ever. This unit is suitable for making two perfect and tender Belgian waffles. This gives you waffles that are fluffy inside and crispy on the outside.

Cooking with this appliance does not need you constantly in the kitchen. It features a double flip system to ensure even cooking. It comes with an indicator light to indicate that the machine is ready to work and a 3 beeps signal to inform users when the waffles are ready.

Even better, it is equipped with a 6-position control system that allows you to cook orderly, and this control system can be adjusted to suit your cooking preference.

Are you concerned about safety? This unit features a non-stick stainless steel waffle rack that is safe for food and even easy to clean.  If you like to enjoy 1-inch deep Belgian waffles and prepare them like a pro, this is one of the products you should have in your kitchen.

If you want to buy the cast iron waffle maker made in usa, you can consider this waffle maker as your final choice.


  • Allows waffle flipping
  • 3 beeps signal
  • Even cooking
  • Easy to clean


  • The waffle plate cannot be changed

Top 2 – Waring WMK600 Belgian Waffle Maker

Best Waffle Maker Reviews America's Test Kitchen
Waring Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Next on our list is the Waring WMK600 Waffle Maker. This unit allows users to enjoy a delicious and tasty waffle treat in a few minutes. This fancy unit will blend well with other appliances in your kitchen and still deliver top-notch quality.

This round waffle machine comes with a LED light to tell you when you can start cooking and features a 3-beep sound tone to alert users that waffles are ready.

If you are tired of eating thin waffles all the time, then this unit will save the day with its deep pocket waffle maker that will take you deep and perfect waffles.

To ensure even cooking, this model comes with a rotatory thermostat that ensures even heat circulation and ensures that waffles are perfectly made up and down.


  • Fancy Design
  • Features a rotatory thermostat
  • Suitable for thick waffles
  • It comes with a switch control


  • Waffle plate sticks

Top 3 – Hamilton Beach 26201, Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Nonstick Plates

Best Waffle Maker Reviews America's Test Kitchen
Hamilton Beach, Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Nonstick Plates

What is not to love about the Hamilton 26201 Belgian Waffle Maker that lets you make your waffles like a professional chef? This unit boasts high functionalities that take your cooking from making random snacks to preparing restaurant-standard waffles that everyone loves.

Need really thick waffles? This kitchen appliance will make you waffles that are 7-inch deep and still evenly done on the outside and inside. It features a spinning system that rotates your waffles for uniform heat circulation to ensure even cooking.

The Hamilton Beach 26201 can be considered as the made in usa waffle maker that you may want to add to your final decision.

Impressively, even with the deep style, you can still make two waffles at a time. This will help you cook faster for a family or when you have a few friends over.

Adding to its efficiency, this model comes with safe non-stick waffle irons that are easy to wash and dishwasher. This versatile waffle maker sports a removable waffle plate that lets you replace it with a small plate if you intend to make small-size waffles.

Similar to other waffle makers, you can enjoy the light indicator to simply signify that the machine is on and ready for cooking.


  • Versatile waffle maker
  • Suitable for cooking for more people
  • Removable waffle iron
  • Gives best waffles


  • The waffle maker is not compatible with flat griddle plate attachments

Top 4 – Presto 03510 Flipside Waffle Maker

91HP5gZ2bFL. AC SL400
Presto 03510 Belgian Waffle Maker

Another waffle maker you should consider is the Presto Flipside Waffle Maker that introduces a unique rotating style to ensure even cooking and give the best result. This unit flips your waffle in exactly 180 degrees, and as such, you can be sure not even a side is left undone.

Even better, the Presto waffle maker can make you a 7-inch deep waffle, and it features four cutting setting sections that mean you can easily divide a single waffle among four people. Furthermore, it features a non-stick waffle grid that can be easily cleaned without any stress.

Adding to all these benefits is a 1-year limited warranty that offers users confidence with their purchase.  It also features a vertical storage style that means you do not need to worry about the extra space this unit will occupy in your kitchen.

Another unique feature of this waffle maker is the countdown timer and digital display that indicates when your waffles are ready. You can also put your safety concern to rest because this unit features a food-grade ceramic interior and a safe stainless steel exterior that are easy to clean.


  • Unique design
  • Countdown timer
  • Compact storage style
  • 180 degrees flipping system


  • The grill is not removable

Top 5 –Disney DCM-12, Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

61ckfb4X8bL. AC SL400
Disney DCM-12, Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

The Disney mickey-mouse waffle maker makes baking a lot of fun. This unit gives you perfectly baked mickey-shaped waffles that your kids will enjoy.

Even better, it can make one 6 inches deep waffle which makes it suitable for preparing waffles for more than a kid at the same time.

Like other waffle makers, it sports a non-stick baking surface that is extensively easy to clean. It also features an illuminating power light to indicate when the appliance is on. So it can be conveniently placed on your countertop due to the no-skid rubber feet. This is a waffle maker you will love.


  • Funny design
  • Perfect for making kids’ waffles
  • Fast baking


  • No light indicator for doneness

Top 6 –Dash Mini Waffles Maker

61zjkKfbQsL. AC SL400
Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individual Waffles

The Dash mini waffle maker is a multifunctional kitchen gadget that can bake pizza cookies and prepare hash browns and pancakes. You can even use it to make perfect sandwiches.

Carry this unit on your trip or picnic, and you can be confident about baking some snacks for the night and starting the day with some waffles. Even better, it is a portable waffle maker that works just like the ones and does not stress you with storage; it can be kept anywhere.

Aside from its efficiency, the sleek and portable design of this unit is worth talking about. It comes in red color, which makes it a colorful addition to your kitchen. You can even give it out as a gift to your friends or family.

Whether waffles or pancakes, this unit will heat up and prepare delicious snacks in 3 minutes. It also comes with access to free recipes to get you started on cooking different types of waffles.


  • It comes with free recipes
  • Portable for use
  • It can be used to bake other snacks
  • Fit into a toaster for reheat


  • Probably contains Teflon

Top 7 – Black+Decker WM2000SD 3-in-1 Waffle Maker

3-in-1 Waffle, Sandwich Maker & Grill

Last on our list is this Black+Decker 3 en 1 WM2000SD 3-in-1 Waffle Maker. This unit features the all-demanded interchangeable waffle plates, which means you can bake depending on your preferred size.

Even better, you do not need to buy the plates. It comes with 3-in-1 plates that allow you to bake waffles, grill, and make sandwiches. These plates are also non-stick, which means you can easily scrape after cooking for an effortless cleaning experience.

Some people reported that the Black+Decker WM2000SD is the made in usa waffle maker.

This versatile waffle maker is perfect for every home and is very easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in and wait till the temperature indicator informs you that the plate is ready for baking.

It features a cool-touch technology that does not burn you when cooking. It also comes with a heat-resistant handle which allows holding the appliance even when it is hot.

Finally, the cooktop is designed with a greasing channel to drain the oil and prevent messy cooking.


  • Quality design
  • Apt temperature indicator
  • Grease draining
  • Cool-to-touch handle


  • Not suitable for 5 inches waffles

How to Shop for The Best Waffle Maker Made in USA?

Choosing a waffle maker does not require too much stress; you only need to consider the following:


This is the first essential thing to consider before buying a waffle maker. Since this appliance will come directly in contact with the food, it is important that you ascertain that the materials used are safe for food.


Another thing to check in a waffle maker is the size. The size determines the number of waffles you can make. For example, a mini waffle maker will make only one waffle at a time, while a bigger size can make two thick waffles simultaneously.


It is important to check with the manufacturer if there is a warranty on the waffle maker you intend to purchase. This will save you a lot of stress when something goes wrong with the appliance.

How much time it takes to make each waffle

While making a lot of waffles in one go may seem the biggest selling point, you should also be concerned about how much time it takes to make each waffle and whether such production is worth it by the time you’ve finished cooking all of them. For example, if it takes twenty minutes to cook two waffles, you might want to consider another option that isn’t so slow or perhaps buy two separate machines.

Style of waffle

It’s important to look at what kind of style (and size) you’re looking for when choosing a waffle maker since there are numerous styles ranging from round and small Belgian style ones to big and rectangular American style ones. Furthermore, round and rectangle waffle makers exist in many sizes too.

Speed of cooking

If you’re considering a vertical waffle maker, the speed at which it cooks your waffles may be an important factor (if not THE most important). Vertical waffle makers usually cook waffles much more quickly than traditional ones since they do so by having their hot plate on top rather than underneath.

This means that the materials will heat up faster and it also means you might burn yourself trying to get them out if they aren’t done yet (or if they fall apart). Furthermore, newer models come with non-stick plates and require minimal oil/butter/grease depending on your preference while some models don’t even need batter!

Non-stick plates

If you have kitchen appliances that are coated with non-stick finish already, getting a waffle maker with the same stuff will be important to you so it isn’t hard to clean afterwards. However, if you don’t have this kind of kitchenware in your house yet or if you prefer the traditional style where the batter sticks to the plates no matter what then this can be ignored.

Indicator lights

The best waffle makers should come equipped with indicator lights but there is little need for them on cheaper models since they’re cheap enough already and cheap machines typically take longer to cook anyway (but not always). Furthermore, some high end ones come with timers which are essentially LED indicators telling how much longer you have before the waffle is finished cooking.

Overrun channel

Some waffle makers come with a system that reduces or completely gets rid of some of the steam between baking so you get crispier waffles on the outside and moist ones on the inside (and they’re easier to clean since there’s less condensation). As such, these models are particularly excellent for people who like crispy but moist waffles. On cheaper models this isn’t necessary at all though.

Types of Waffle Makers

It’s not simply a matter of which is the best waffle iron, but an issue of which machine works best for your particular recipe. Read on to discover more about each type and choose whether or not it will meet your needs.

The Belgian Waffle Maker

Belgian waffles are made from a yeasted batter with eggs, flour, butter and milk. The distinguishing feature of the Belgian waffle maker (as opposed to other types) is that it produces deep pockets in the dough due to an uneven distribution of batter over its surface.

This gives many belgian waffles a nice crispiness outside, while remaining light inside. It can also result in very large ones if you don’t use precisely enough batter or run out of batter. The final look of the belgian waffle is largely determined by the machine you use and how hot it gets.

The Classic Waffle Maker

Invented in 1869, the classic waffle maker is truly a basic machine that isn’t very easy to mess up. If you are looking for a no-fuss approach and good results every time, this might be your best option.

Sometimes brushed with oil or sprayed with nonstick spray before being loaded with batter, then closed to bake, these machines quickly brown both sides of a round iron based on heat and viscosity alone. Afterward, they flip over to cook one side while the other remains carefully covered for a few more minutes – allowing the iron to thoroughly cook both sides at once.

The Flip or Rotating Waffle Maker

With a flip waffle maker, instead of stepping away from the table when the iron is ready to be flipped over, you may want to linger for awhile. This is because it helps ensure that your waffles come out perfectly crispy on both sides and without any sort of batter spillover onto the plate – unlike what tends to happen with standard non-flip models.

With a rotating model, you can even use it as a griddle by simply turning it around 180º and giving it another swipe of butter until its time to eat! This makes them ideal for families where everyone likes something different for breakfast.

The Cast Iron Waffle Maker

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to traditional waffle makers, this cast iron model allows you to place your favorite toppings right onto the already-cooked batter. It also comes with a unique feature that lets you adjust how brown and crisp you’d like your end result to be.

The Multi-Use Waffle Maker

If the idea of having only one machine makes sense, but it seems like too much work to use in its entirety, then getting a multi-use maker may be the perfect solution!

With this kind of machine, unlike more advanced models which require flipping over or rotating before cooking both sides if needed, everything is cooked at once – usually between 5 – 7 minutes depending on settings and recipe used. That includes the time it takes to heat up so you can get started right away!

How To Use a Waffle Maker Safest?

When using your waffle maker, be sure not to overfill the plates and do not close them if there is still batter in the machine.

This will cause spillover onto the plate, which may make for a messy cleanup down the road. Do note that some machines can handle a little extra batter on top as well and this should be tested out before filling all of the channels inside.

Another point worth remembering is that it’s best not to cook frozen waffles first or else it might take longer to cook than usual – and yield disappointing results too. Of course, cooks are allowed their own preferred methods since everyone has different expectations when it comes to cooking time.


What are Waffle Irons?

A waffle iron is the cooking utensil used to impress surface projection or mark on your waffles. It is metal and has two hinged parts that are shut on each other.

Difference between a waffle maker and a Belgian waffle maker?

The main difference between a usual waffle maker and a Belgian waffle maker is that the latter will make you thicker and deeper waffles due to its bigger grid. A regular waffle maker, on the other hand, only makes you thin or average waffles.

Why are Belgian waffles so good?

Several reasons make the Belgian waffles so good. First, these waffles are tastier than the regular ones. Also, they come with a bigger pocket which allows you to add more topping. Even better, Belgian waffles are thicker, which means you can enjoy them more.


The Made in USA waffle maker is a top-notch kitchen appliance that is built to last. Its sturdy construction and superior performance make it a favorite among consumers who value quality and durability. The use of high-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that this waffle maker delivers perfectly cooked waffles every time.

Additionally, this appliance is backed by excellent customer service and warranty, giving consumers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase. By choosing a Made in USA waffle maker, consumers are not only supporting American manufacturing but also investing in a reliable and long-lasting kitchen appliance.

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