What is the Best Wine Cooler For Cigars?

What are looking for the best wine cooler for cigars?

A wine cooler is a great option for storing your cigars as it will provide them with the right humidity level. Cigars need a high humidity level in order to keep their flavour and aroma intact.

While some people may think that converting a wine cooler to a humidor would be a bad idea, it’s actually a perfectly safe way to store your favorite cigars! Many wine coolers have an internal fan that helps to circulate the air inside, which will help to keep your cigars in good shape.


Best Wine Cooler For Cigars Ratings

What is Wine Cooler for Cigars

A Wine Cooler for cigars is a type of cooler that’s specifically designed for the storage of your favorite smokes. Unlike standard coolers, these units use thermoelectric cooling technology that helps keep the temperature of your cigars at just the right level to preserve their quality and flavor. Some of these coolers even feature separate sections for wines and cigars.

To make the most of your money’s worth, consider purchasing a model with a built-in hygrometer and a humidity control system. These systems can be expensive, but they’ll save you a fortune in the long run. If your budget won’t stretch to the high-end models, there are plenty of inexpensive options that will fit the bill.

In the end, you’ll be rewarded with a cool looking and functional piece of furniture that you can proudly display in your home. Plus, the temperature control on these devices is impressive and makes maintaining your cigars a breeze. Besides, a good wine cooler for cigars will also improve your home’s overall appearance.

For the true connoisseur, the best wine cooler for cigar is an essential part of their collection. Having one will not only keep your smokes fresh and tasty, it can help keep your cigar humidification system at its optimal operating temperature as well. With the right equipment and a little know-how, you’ll be all set to enjoy your favorite smokes in no time.

Features of Wine Cooler for Cigars

Wine coolers for cigars are an excellent choice for storing and aging your favorite cigars. These coolers come with climate-controlled technology that allows you to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity, which is critical for preserving your cigars’ taste and aroma.

Typically, cigars require a humidity level of between 65 F- 70F to maintain their quality and preserve their flavour and aroma. When this humidity level is too low, your cigars will shrivel up and lose their flavour and aroma. Likewise, if the humidity is too high, your cigars will get mouldy and rot.

Many people convert their wine coolers into humidors, referred to as a “wineador” (see below). Converting a standard wine cooler to a wineador isn’t difficult and requires just a few pieces of equipment.

One of the most important things you need is a hygrometer that measures relative humidity levels in your wineador. Hygrometers are available for purchase at most cigar shops or online.

You should also consider installing a fan inside your wineador to circulate air and help maintain consistent humidity levels throughout the cooler. Most wine coolers have fans at the back, but it’s a good idea to install an extra fan as well to help increase circulation.

If you’re not sure whether an extra fan is necessary, try placing a hygrometer on the top shelf and bottom shelf of your wineador. After a few days, compare the two measurements and make your decision.

Benefits of Wine Cooler for Cigars

Cigars need to be stored at a certain humidity level to maintain their flavour and aroma. If they are stored at lower humidity than required, the cigars can shrivel up and lose their shape. This can lead to moulds, rot and other problems.

The best way to keep your cigars at their optimal humidity is by using a humidor. Humidors are specially designed to hold the appropriate humidity and they can be used to store cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco and cannabis.

Wine coolers can also be used to store cigars. However, they usually don’t have a temperature range that’s suitable for storing cigars.

To properly store cigars in a wine cooler, you should replace the metal shelves with Spanish cedar ones. This is an expensive task and requires some DIY skills.

You can also season the shelves to make them more sanitary. To do this, you can use distilled water and a sponge.

You should also consider buying a digital hygrometer so that you can regularly check the humidity inside your wine cooler. Most of the included hygrometers are unreliable and can only give you an estimate, so it’s important to choose one that is accurate and reliable.

Top Picks of 5 the Best Wine Coolers for Cigars

1. Vinotemp VINO-CIGAR 150 Cigar Cooler – This cigar cooler offers an impressive capacity of up to 150 cigars and comes with a lockable security door. It features a sleek, modern design, with stainless steel hardware and black cabinet finish. It also provides easy access storage, thanks to its adjustable shelves that can accommodate various cigar sizes. Inside the smoker are digital temperature controls, allowing you to adjust the temperature between 54-72 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoldering aromas of your favorite cigars will be further enhanced in this airtight unit, which is both energy efficient and quiet when running.

2. Kalamera KRC-20DSS Wine & Cigar Cooler Refrigerator – Not only does this cigar cooler look great with its stainless steel trim and tempered glass door, it also offers plenty of space for your cigars. With a 20-bottle capacity, you can store up to 250 cigars in this unit. It includes adjustable wooden shelves that allow you to organize your collection by size or brand. The compressor-based cooling system ensures temperatures between 40-66 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for preserving the taste of your favorite smokes.

3. NewAir CC-300 Cigar Cooler – This sleek countertop cooler will keep all your favorite cigars fresh and flavorful at an optimal temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit; no more worries about drying out or becoming too hot! The convenient touch screen display allows you to easily adjust the temperature, and the digital hygrometer accurately measures the humidity inside. It holds up to 250 cigars, and is a perfect addition to any home bar or cigar room.

4. EdgeStar CWR262DZ Wine & Cigar Cooler – If you’re looking for an all-in-one wine and cigar cooler, then this is a great choice. This unit offers dual cooling zones, so you can keep both your wines and cigars at their optimal temperatures. The temperature range of 40-66 degrees Fahrenheit ensures that your cigars won’t dry out or become too hot; it also includes a humidor feature that helps maintain the ideal humidity level for your smokes. With a capacity of 30 bottles of wine and up to 300 cigars, this is the perfect solution for any cigar enthusiast.

5. Koolatron WC04 Wine & Cigar Cooler – This thermoelectric-powered cooler offers a stylish look and quiet operation. It has an adjustable temperature range of 44-72 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains a consistent humidity level inside. With its spacious 36-bottle capacity and four compartments for your cigars, there’s plenty of room to store all your favorite smokes in this unit. Its sleek design with stainless steel trim will add a touch of class to any bar or man cave.

Types of Wine Cooler for Cigars

There are a variety of the best wine cooler for cigar available for cigar storage. Some are designed to accommodate larger bottles of wine, while others can accommodate small bottles. You can also find models with dual-temperature zones to store different types of wine in the same unit.

Most of these units will come with a hygrometer that measures the humidity level in the cooler. This is important because cigars need to be kept at a specific level of humidity to stay fresh and retain their taste and aroma.

Aside from the type of wine you’re storing, you should also consider the size of your storage space and how long you plan on storing your cigars for. If you have a large collection, you may need to choose a larger unit with greater storage capacity.

If you only want to store a few cigars, a smaller unit should suffice. If you’re planning on storing a large collection, you can consider a model that has Spanish cedar shelving.

Another thing you should consider is the type of fan you’re going to use. Most fans need to be plugged into an AC outlet in order to work. If the power cable is thin enough, you can run it through the door hinge of your wine cooler without breaking the seal.

Finally, you should ensure that the wine cooler you choose is insulated properly to prevent heat loss. The best coolers are insulated with high-quality materials that are designed to maintain the temperature of your wine and prevent it from deteriorating or freezing.

Tips to use Wine Cooler for Cigars

When storing cigars in a wine cooler, it’s important to make sure they stay fresh and properly humidified. To do this, you should make use of a hygrometer to ensure that the humidity level is correct. You can also use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air and prevent mold.

Before converting your wine cooler into a wineador, you’ll need to purchase some of the equipment necessary for cigar storage. This includes cedar shelves, a hygrometer and the proper humidification device.

You should look for a thermo-electric wine cooler, as they don’t have a traditional condenser like a refrigerator and won’t produce any extra condensation that will make the cigars’ environment more humid. You should also buy a digital hygrometer that can be used to measure the relative humidity level of the cigars in the wineador.

Once you’ve purchased all of the necessary equipment, you can start transforming your wine cooler into a wineador. The process can take a little bit of elbow grease depending on the model you purchase.

One of the first things you should do is clean your wine cooler to get rid of any plastic smell. You can do this by removing the shelves and wiping down the interior with warm water and mild detergent. You can also place a bowl of baking soda inside the cooler to absorb the smells and moisture.


For cigar buffs looking for the best way to display their collection in style, a wine cooler may be just the ticket. Not only is it a stylish decor piece, but it also helps maintain a consistent degree of humidity and temperature. Plus, with some of the better designs, you can actually stack your boxes for maximum effect without needing to rearrange them on a regular basis!

The wine cooler industry has taken note of this burgeoning niche, and many companies have designed their thermoelectric machines to double as humidors. Aside from the usual kilowatts, these machines feature a number of other bells and whistles including adjustable shelving, slide-out drawers, a touch screen controls, and a fancy digital hygrometer.

Among the most interesting is the fact that some of these units boast one of the best temperature control systems on the market, making for a happy and healthy humidor that will keep your finely crafted wares in tip-top shape for a long time to come. The good news is you can find the best wine cooler for cigar if you know where to look!

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