The 10 The Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper or Less Expensive Brand in 2023

The coolers like yeti but cheaper will be an ideal purchase for anyone, especially those on a tight budget who want to keep their food and drinks cold for going outdoors. However, real Yeti coolers can be expensive, and a Cheaper knock-off model might be an excellent solution. 

Luckily, there are many affordable options out there worth looking at! It is cheaper but not meant for low quality. Yeti is expensive because the Yeti brand is a significant and famous brand. Their brand value is much higher than others. Hence, its price will be more premium. The other alternative cooler from other brands has the better price but still keeps the same excellent features or even more. 

This blog post will explore some of the best coolers like yeti but cheaper on the market that perform like their more expensive counterparts.

coolers similar to yeti but cheaper

Top 9 The Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper or Less Expensive List

Why Do People Want a Yeti Cooler?

Some people want a Yeti cooler because it has the prestige of saying they have one. Others may know that if something breaks on yours, someone else will buy from your company instead, so you don’t need repair or replacement for them but also in knowing how reliable these products can be!

Besides, the Yeti coolers are well constructed and can withstand a lot of abuse when camping, hunting or fishing. 

You know what they say, “buy once, cry once.” That’s because when you buy something expensive like a Yeti cooler and then ignore all of its alternatives, primarily down to wanting their philosophy on life “buy right”. It is hard not to be impressed.

I bet most people don’t even want to compare prices or think about getting another brand!

A similar comparison can be made by looking at the warranties offered by many brands. For example, Yeti’s warranty is lower than competing cooler companies that offer lifetime guarantees of their products, such as Grizzly with its One Life policy on all coolers in any size or capacity.

So what will be the reason to get the coolers similar to yeti but cheaper?

Why Do You SHOULD BUY Coolers Comparable to Yeti but Cheaper?

coolers like yeti but cheaper

Yeti coolers are the best investment you’ll make this summer, and they don’t come without a cost. For those who want their beer ice-cold (or otherwise) for days on end, Yetis won’t disappoint! However, these heavy-duty products can be expensive at $400+.

Yeti was the first company in their field with an innovative design. It all started back in 2006! When looking for a new cooler, consider other options that look similar to Yeti but won’t cost you too. 

Yeti used this early entry to establish a dominant brand and grow its distribution by partnering with many local stores while avoiding discount retailers like Costco or Walmart. At the moment, there are many copycat alternatives that you can select from. 

While Yeti coolers have been around for a while, each new brand wants to outdo the others. Some try to improve on what Yetis started by making them better or lower prices with similar designs in mind. 

Though there are some exceptions we’ll share which sell at a higher cost than their counterparts from other companies. All of these knock-off brands offer discounts when compared against one another, so be sure to check them all out!

So, are you looking for the best coolers like yeti but cheaper to store your food and drinks? If so, then don’t just go with Yeti because they’re not only one company making strong but also durable coolers. 

However, as I mentioned before, other brands out on the market make these types of coolers that may suit more people better depending upon their specific needs! So have a look through all these beautiful options below:

List of The Coolers like Yeti but Cheaper or Less Expensive in 2023

Here I have listed these best alternative coolers like Yeti but cheapest in the order I recommend, with my favorite selection.

The top 10 models of Yeti knockoff cooler that outperformed its original brand and had better ice retention than all others tested! Some even come equipped with features not found on other models, like adjustable leather handles or wheels for added mobility when needed most.

Let’s get started with the first one!

#1. Igloo 25 Quart BMX Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
Igloo 25Qt BMX Cooler

Known as the world’s best coolers like yeti but lowest for everyone. The Igloo BMX Cooler is an excellent hard-side option for those on a tight budget who don’t have the luxury of buying expensive Yeti coolers. With its 25-quart capacity, it can hold up to 37 cans, which is enough space in your garage or backyard!

The thick foam MaxCold body will keep everything you pack inside nice and cold with no need for an insulating lid since they’re already included. 

However, there’s one major drawback. This model does not come equipped without any gasket-type seals, which would give more comparable performance between premium models like Yeti Roadies (though if we were rating insulation levels alone, then igloos win hands down).

Though it might lack some high-end features, such as a drain or wheels and handles for easy transport over short distances when complete, the Igloo BMX hard-sided cooler is surprisingly durable. 

The heavy-duty stainless steel hinges are sturdy enough to handle any adventure that life throws at you. At the same time, its blow-molded body makes even rough handling safe due to the comfortable grip handle design, which makes picking up your haul much easier! 

For keeping food cool on short visits, this model performs just as well if not better than more expensive models without breaking down halfway through use, an excellent buy indeed.


  • Come with thick foam Maxcold body 
  • Having the durable stainless-steel hinge 
  • Comfortable grip and easy to handle
  • Being lightweight and keeping ice frozen well 
  • It comes with sturdy latches and the ergonomic handle
  • Affordable price with heavy-duty construction 


  • Having no gasket and no drain 

#2. DEWALT 10Qt Lunch Box Cooler for Camping

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
DEWALT 10Qt Roto Molded Lunch Box Cooler

The new Dewalt Cooler series is an industry leader in power tool innovation and home appliance production. 

Their high-end cooler models come with durable construction, thick walls for maximum ice retention time (upwards to 5 days!), quality gaskets that will keep mold. While maintaining similar features from other well-known brands like Yeti or MCI, Accompanied by their trademarked yellow color scheme, which may be too intense but looks great on your patio anyway.

The new Dewalt Cooler series is an industry leader in power tool innovation and home appliance production. Their high-end models come with durable construction, thick walls for maximum ice retention time (upwards to 5 days), quality gaskets that will keep mold at bay.

Besides, it has nice and durable metal handles to transport easier. Moreover, you will have the perfect easy open latch system for security. Hence, this coolers like yeti but cheaper will be a perfect option for backyard barbecues, camping, beach, and sport events organizers. 


  • Well built quality and excellent features
  • Good ice retention for keeping foods cold in a long time
  • Having the high flow drain plug 
  • Convenient bottle opener and built-in cup holders
  • Nice side carrying handles 
  • Strotrongrior construction for reducing the stress 
  • Durable design and suitable for daily use


  • The ice will be melted in 20 hours. 

#3. Engel 19 Qt Resistant Insulated Cooler 

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
Engel 19 Qt Resistant Insulated Cooler

The Engel Leak-Proof Insulated Cooler Drybox is a 2 in 1, multi-use cooler that promises to keep your drinks cold for days. This insulated beverage holder can hold 32 cans and performs as an airtight, leak proof box perfect for storing valuable electronics or emergency kits without worrying about moisture ruining them. 

The injection molding construction makes it durable enough to be used anywhere from work campsites where you might need both hands free while handing out food donations during hurricane season. 

Get ready for your next adventure with the lightweight Insulated Cooler from Engel. This 19-quart capacity cooler can hold 25 pounds of ice to keep food and drinks cold, or it’s perfect as a meat locker due to its stain-resistant surface! 

The convenient carrying handle makes transporting easy on you while also protecting the outside of this durable container. Don’t forget about waterproof etiquette when out in nature so that everything stays dry no matter what happens. 


  • Being a heavy-duty cooler with 4.5 gallons 
  • Best choice for fishers, hunters 
  • Built-in with the premium injection molding 
  • Well insulation and durable construction 
  • Easy to transport with a nice handle 
  • Non Stain and odor, easy to clean 


  • The latches are a little stiff and create the creaky noise

#4. Amazon 20 Qt Commercial Rotomolded Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
Amazon 20 Qt Commercial Rotomolded Cooler

If you are looking for cheaper models, an amazon commercial rotomolded cooler will be the best choice. The AmazonCommercial Rotomolded cooler is a durable and affordable choice for those who want ice that will keep their drink cold, no matter what activity they’re doing. 

The rotomolded design is tough enough to withstand almost anything you might do. It’s food-grade safe and dry ice compatible with 3″ insulated walls, so your items stay colder longer! In addition, this ever-reliable plastic has a UV-protected shell which extends the life of the product. 

It also features a low-set drain plug for easy draining. Made from quality molding, this coolers like yeti but cheaper won’t let you down whether you’re adventuring through the wilderness or simply enjoying backyard gardening on a Sunday afternoon.


  • High durable construction 
  • Thick insulation and UV protective shell 
  • Easy to handle and secure when transport 
  • Perfect ice retention up to 3-5 days
  • Reliable T clasp latches and non skid feet


  • Quite heavy, the empty weight is almost 17 pounds

#5. Plano Frost Insulated Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
Plano Heavy-Duty Insulated Cooler

The Plano Frost cooler is durable, versatile, and functional. Keep your food at the perfect temperature with this well-made cooler that has space for storage of 21 quarts within its 10 x 12-inch walls. It easily fits beside or under most bars or home counters without requiring too much storage room. 

In addition, the white exterior means you are protected from harmful UV rays during outdoor activities like sports games, tailgating parties at wine tasting tours, music festivals by the beach, boating trips on the lake! So be sure your grub stays cool during five days of life-changing events!

This coolers like yeti but cheaper has a robust construction and excellent shock resistance, with dual-stage molded latches for a tight seal. Moreover, it can keep ice for up to 5 days with the perfect insulation and airtight seal of Driloc seal. With the ergonomic handle, you can be easy and comfortable to handle and transport. 


  • Tough devices with excellent performance
  • Good size, lightweight cooler
  • Having easy to use latches and a cute basket 
  • Thick insulation and durable construction 
  • Keep ice and food frozen for long days


  • The interior might be a little smaller than expected 
  • No drain plug for this cooler

#6. ORCA 40 Quart COOLERS White

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper

ORCA Coolers are the perfect alternative to YETI coolers. They offer similar quality and warranty as Pelican. Still, without those wickedly slashed prices, you might find an RTIC 20 or other competitors’ cooler from EngelCoolers and others in this market space.

ORCAs provide excellent cooling at an affordable price point while still having many benefits of more expensive brands.

ORCA coolers are an excellent alternative to YETI coolers because not only have we seen better prices from them, but they provide the U.S.-based guarantee that their competitors lack! With ORCAs, your cooler can keep ice frozen up until ten days prior, no melting allowed, thanks in part due to Cargo nets explicitly designed with extra storage space in mind. 

Plus, these airtight units can hold more than just food. It is ideal if you’re planning on taking plenty of trips throughout the summer months.


  • Max cold retention for store food up to 10 days 
  • Made in the USA, with a lifetime warranty 
  • Perfect seal with lid gasket 
  • Comfortable portage with flex rip handle
  • More storage with the cargo net attachment 


  • It is a bit heavy, but it holds the ice well

#7. Pelican 30Qt Elite Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
Pelican 30Qt Elite Cooler

Looking for the best coolers like yeti that won’t break the bank? The Pelican ProGear Elite is my top 1 pick. It’s one of the most affordable options with all sorts of great features, plus it outperforms other coolers in terms of ice retention! 

I love this thing because not only does it keep drinks cold longer than any other product on today’s market. but you can take your licks anywhere thanks to its durable design and portable carrying case, which makes packing up easy when traveling or having everything ready at home instead of having to carry an entire bag into town.

The Pelican cooler is excellent for carrying by yourself or with a friend. The handles are tough, strong, and feel amazing in your hands, as well as being much sturdier than ropes found on other coolers such as Yeti’s, which have been known to break from constant use over time due to their material composition.

Additionally, this latch system makes undoing them easy because it clicks closed with no confusion about how it’s done, unlike some models where you need two people working together.

The Pelican cooler is an excellent option for those who want an affordable, dependable product. It has better ice retention than more expensive models, and it’s one of the best-priced cookers on today’s market!


  • Large 30-quart internal capacity 
  • Thick insulation and nice freezer grade gasket 
  • Having excellent ice retention 
  • Durable materials such as stainless steel
  • It is safe with non skid rubber feet


  • Storage is limited due to the thick wall

#8. Echosmile Rotomolded, Protale Ice Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
Protale Ice Cooler, Ice Chest Suit for BBQ, Camping, Pincnic, and Other Outdoor Activities

The EchoSmile 30 Quart Rotomolded Cooler is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. It features all of the essentials that you need to stay calm, from ice-cold water and meal prep space in an easy carry design. The best part? You can enjoy your time outdoors worry-free with this specially equipped cooler!

The coolers like yeti but cheaper is designed to withstand harsh conditions, with silicone tension latches and anti-slide rubber. It also has UV inhibitors, so it’ll stay fresh for longer before you need another one!

The more simple measures 21 inches long, 13 wide, and 12 high. It can hold up to 36 cans of your favorite drink! The size ensures that it is portable enough for throwing in your car or tent, too–and at just $30 bucks, you won’t break the bank if something goes wrong on one adventure trip without any bottled water around.

For best results, place the cooler under a tree with some shade. The size of items inside should always be more than what is being cooled by using this product as an icebox for your home! As long as you remember these tips and keep it out from direct sunlight exposure or rainwater splashes onto its exterior. EchoSmile says their design will provide satisfying experiences outdoor adventures all year round.


  • Excellent insulation for keeping ice longer
  • More stable outdoor with rubber feet
  • Protect well the cooler from the sun thanks to the UV inhibitors
  • Ergonomic grip for easy moving 
  • Remove water conveniently without turning upside down 


  • Only one color option

#9. RTIC Hard Cooler for the Fishing, Beach, Boat.

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
RTIC Hard Cooler for the Fishing, Beach, Boat.

RTIC Coolers have certainly caused some fretting over at YETI corporate since the company first took off (which resulted in a now-settled lawsuit). 

An affordable knockoff of their own branded models with similar features, but at much better prices. Most tests show that RTIC performs about equal or better than other brands when comparing ice life expectancy and durability, making them perfect additions to any household!

YETI coolers are a bit lighter and offer higher quality construction, but if you want to go with an RTIC cooler at much lower prices, then they’re worth looking into. Gaskets from either company often work well for the other model as well!

It has the perfect size for carrying by a person but still can keep the drinks for a group of people. Besides, its insulation will ensure good ice retention. With the heavy-duty handles, you can bring them anywhere you want. With the T latches and the molded slot, your foods and drinks will be kept well insecure. 


  • Can hold plenty of beverages and foods
  • Can keep ice up to 7 days and drinks up to 8 days
  • Perfect performance in the harsh temperature 
  • Reasonable price and nice look 
  • Keep ice for longer than the normal Cooler


  • It is pretty heavy and limited space 

#10. KYSEK Ice Chest Extreme Cold Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper
Ice Chest Extreme Cold Cooler

The Kysek Coolers Heavy Hauler cooler is perfect for hauling heavy loads and can support up to 1,000 pounds of weight with its built-in wheels. In addition, it doesn’t take up extra space like other types of the wheel because they’re incorporated into the design itself!

The Cooler has the same features as a Yeti cooler but with some improvements. The wheels are designed to prevent slippage while upright.

In addition, they have non-slip rubber feet when tilted so that you can move them around quickly, even on surfaces like carpet or stairs, without worrying about the ice holder coming off its base because there isn’t any contact between them at all!

 It also retains just enough cold for up to 12 hours without needing refills. It is perfect if your party will be going late into the night. Besides, it comes with a lot of color and size options to suit your requirements. 


  • Keeps food colder for a longer time
  • Equipped with the latest cooling tech 
  • Easy to transport with wheels and nice grip handles
  • It is very strong and well design 
  • This coolers like yeti but cheaper is considered to be better than Yeti for value


  • It is quite heavy 

Why Do People Want a Yeti Cooler?

Some people want a Yeti cooler because it has the prestige of saying they have one. Others may know that if something breaks on yours, someone else will buy from your company instead, so you don’t need repair or replacement for them but also in knowing how reliable these products can be!

Besides, the Yeti coolers are well constructed and can withstand a lot of abuse when camping, hunting or fishing. 

You know what they say, “buy once, cry once.” That’s because when you buy something expensive like a Yeti cooler and then ignore all of its alternatives, primarily down to wanting their philosophy on life “buy right”. It is hard not to be impressed.

I bet most people don’t even want to compare prices or think about getting another brand!

A similar comparison can be made by looking at the warranties offered by many brands. For example, Yeti’s warranty is lower than competing cooler companies that offer lifetime guarantees of their products, such as Grizzly with its One Life policy on all coolers in any size or capacity.

So what will be the reason to get the coolers similar to yeti but cheaper?

Factors to Consider When Buying Cooler Similar to Yeti but Cheaper

coolers like yeti but cheaper

If you are still wondering, which is the cheapest Yeti alternative to go for? Check out these features and find out what you need in your Cooler.

1). Price

You may be considering a Yeti cooler as an alternative, and if you want to spend under $300 on it, there are plenty of cheaper models. However, premium ones can go up past 300 dollars! 

Keeping food and drinks excellent for extended periods is essential, but don’t overspend if you want a Yeti alternative. A budget cooler will keep your items chilled for shorter lengths of time–make sure to select one with enough space or features!

You will get longer-lasting ice retention, better insulation, and a premium finish if you spend more money. On the other hand, if you want a Yeti alternative with lower prices (to match), prepare to pay out quite the cash! 

Otherwise, deciding what your priorities are compromising on one or two things can still fulfill those needs without breaking the budget, so choose wisely before getting a coolers similar to yeti but cheaper as well.

2). Intended use

So, you want a coolers similar to yeti but cheaper for your day out with friends and family but how long is it going to take? Will your Cooler be used for food or drinks? If it’s for drinks, then it’s an inconvenience if the last few drinks in the bottom of your carton aren’t as cold compared with how you would like them. 

However, transporting raw chicken can result in spoilage, mainly when dairy products are transported alongside other BBQ sides and garnishes that need to stay calm enough throughout their trip from store storage space back home. Therefore, wasting time by having wasted products isn’t worth risking one’s health over either way!

A high-quality cooler is a must for transporting raw food or any products that must be kept chilled. It’s also the best option if you will be traveling on long car trips and don’t want as much ice, since these options tend not only to use up more of it but make those refreshing drinks less cold too!

3). Size and capacity 

If you’re in the market for a new cooler, make sure that it can hold at least two-thirds of your dinner party guests. Also, don’t forget to double check its capacity and the dimensions of both interior and exterior. Size matters when selecting one!

Remember that most manufacturers recommend a 2:1 ice ratio, so you’ll only want to fill up about one-third of the internal space with food or drinks. You can use loose ice around your items and store more on top for those who need it to save room inside their cooler pack.

This way, they don’t have to make as many trips back outside every time someone wants something warm from outside!

4). Insulation and ice retention

A cooler with good insulation is essential for keeping your food cool. Insulation should be at the top and bottom of the inner walls and on all edges that come into contact with other substances (such as its closed-foam construction). The best way to make sure you get this quality? Look out for thick layers!

A lot of the time, cooler companies will claim how long their product can last in a freezer. It is important to note that these tests do not reflect actual life usage and are only meant as benchmarks for you! 

When filling up your icebox completely with cubes at room temperature (or near), they typically test until melting occurs which could be from 24 hours when full-strength iced tea isn’t available any longer either way!

In the real world, you will need to open your Cooler at least several times, and it’s likely that by the end of a two-day event with no appreciable change in temperature- even if all ice was supposed to be there when we start. 

So naturally, some people get worked up over this, understandable as they’ve paid good money for something only to find out their purchase isn’t worth anything more than crumbs after six hours!

So don’t expect every detail about how long things last or what condition items are kept under (or both) because life is unpredictable sometimes.

5). Dividers and dry bins

Dry bins and dividers are a must-have for any cooler. They help to prevent your produce from getting wet as the ice melts, drying out soft items that might otherwise get crushed by heavier ones in an unorganized container while looking great on display!

6). Base drain

You can get rid of any water or ice left in your Cooler using the base drain. If you will be keeping it for more than a few hours, then look for one that has this feature!

7). Portability 

When considering the best YETI alternative, consider how heavy your load will typically be and what kind of handles or straps are offered. If you plan on taking your loaded Cooler off-road more often than not, then wheels may come in handy too!

Do research beforehand. Usually, the lightweight soft-sided one can load low capacity but is much more portable. 

8). Durability 

You should consider the durability of your cooler alternative before committing to it. Hinges, zippers, and straps are common points for failure on lower quality models, which can lead you down an expensive driveway if they break during use or even just after purchasing one!

A rotomolded model is the best type of construction because it has no seams, which means warm air can’t get inside as quickly. Liquid plastic covers insulation for better ice retention and an excellent finish- not to mention they’re far more resistant against dirt or other elements getting into your food!

alternatives to Yeti coolers

Types of Yeti Alternatives

If you want to be the talk of your office with an ice cooler that can keep things cool, then get one of these. We’ve got all four types, so it’s easy for us to guide people who are unsure what type would suit them best!

1). Wheeled coolers

Wheeled coolers are a great option if you want to keep your meat chilled and other ingredients for the grill. They’re also handy when transporting large numbers of beverages, which would otherwise be too heavy on their own! As long as they can easily pull themselves over ground or relatively flat terrain (even with only one person pulling), wheeling this type of cooler won’t prove difficult at all distances.

2). Soft-sided Cooler

Soft-sided coolers are a lightweight and versatile option for those who don’t want the weight of an ice chest. They’re easy to carry, thanks to their low weight! These types of coolers also make it easier on your back when hauling around something as bulky as most wheeled or hard-sided units can get.

A soft-sided cooler is excellent for taking to the beach, but it won’t do you much good in an environment where there are cliffs and wild animals with sharp teeth. For this reason, I would recommend hard-sided models over their softer counterparts because they have a more durable build that protects their contents from damage. 

3). Hard-sided coolers

Hard-sided coolers are a good choice for keeping your food and beverages chilled over more extended periods. While they’re less portable, large models can easily be set up in the back of an RV or pickup truck with two people to help carry it there (or you could make arrangements beforehand).

Medium/small sized ones might require one person but will allow more freedom when traveling; however, these heavier items may not always fit through doors into smaller spaces that don’t have much room inside!

4). Backpack coolers

A backpack cooler is ideal for transporting your food and chilled drinks to more remote places or over unevenground. While they have a lower capacity than hard-sided versions, these bags are much easier to carry, which means that if you will be regularly carrying the item in question (such as beer), then this type of Yeti alternative makes sense. Otherwise, consider investing in another type instead.

FAQs about cooler similar to yeti but cheaper

1). Is a YETI cooler worth it?

Yeti coolers are great for those who want to take their drinks with them on the go, be able to protect them from breakage, and make sure that they stay cold. However, other brands offer similar features at much lower prices as well!

2). Why is Yeti so expensive?

Yeti’s belief in the importance of branding led them to create an expensive luxury item. They wanted their product to be cool, appealing, and high quality so people would not mind paying very high prices for what they offer when all these three things are combined with premium logos on top!

3). Are RTIC coolers cheaper than YETI?

Well, if you’re looking to buy a Yeti cooler but don’t want the price of YETI, then look no further. RTIC offers products with prices that are almost half as expensive, and they stake their name in direct opposition by having “Over Built – Not Over Priced.”

This makes them one choice for those who might be on a budget – or need something durable enough!

4). Is orca better than Yeti?

What’s the difference between an Orca cooler and a Yeti? Well, for starters, you get better ice retention with them. They also have more extended warranties, so if something happens during the ownership of your product, they are more likely to be fixed or replaced without costing too much extra hassle on behalf of the customer! 

And not only do these coolers come in many color options but also designs which are just icing on top. Made right here at home USA style!”


There are a lot of coolers like Yeti but cheaper, why don’t you pick one instead of the cost of an arm and leg Yeti. 

For the ultimate convenience, consider investing in a larger capacity quart cooler. The Coleman, Rtic and Pelican make it easy to transport large quantities of chilled food and beverages for BBQs down at your next lake or park grilling area. Some models come with extra-large wheels that are highly practical when you need an efficient way of getting everything out there quickly so everyone can enjoy themselves!

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